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A Beginners Guide to Traffic Monetization

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So you have a website, you worked hard on it and finally, it’s picking up! but so far it’s not making you any money.

This may seem hard to believe but it’s actually relatively easy to monetize your website traffic if you know what you’re doing.
The key is to find the right balance between advertising and user experience so that your visitors are still come back and spend more time on your site without being overwhelmed by too many ads or not enough content.

Here is our beginners’ guide to get you started.

How is monetization related to your website?

It’s pretty simple, really. Website monetization is the process of turning incoming site traffic into revenue.


Your website offers content, that you work hard to improve daily. Instead of just offering users your content for free, you can target your traffic with ads for which Advertising Networks will reward you, based on a variety of models such as CPM = cost per impression (view), CPC = cost per click, or CPA= cost per action

Ad networks connect the publishers’ quality traffic to the advertisers’ best fit offers to create the highest revenue. Publishers are anyone who has a way to generate traffic- such as website owners. So all you need to do when partnering with your ad network is continue to maintain your website content and traffic in order to reach your full potential of ad profit.

Does monetization require effort or resources from you as a publisher?

This is an easy one- no!

It requires minimum effort from you as a publisher, an easy sign-up and implementation process, and will create a profit from your website that you have put a lot of effort into already.

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Is your website ready to be monetized?

The main parameter here is your amount of traffic. The more traffic you have on your website and the better the GEO breakdown is, the higher your profit will be.

This does not mean to exclude you from using ads if your website has less than 10,000 users, you can begin with any size and any GEO but when using an ad network you should work on enlarging your traffic and reaching tier 1 traffic to increase your profits dramatically.

admaven publisher report

Formats to choose from when monetizing your website

We offer many ad solutions you can choose from, let’s go over them before you choose:


The most popular, top-performing ad solution.

This ad appears when your user clicks anywhere on the page and opens in a New Tab, New Tab Under, or New Window depending on the publisher’s preference.

When using this format, you can also choose to integrate our Adblock solution. Allowing the pop ads to reach all users, even if they have an AdBlock installed

Pop ads can be used alongside a variety of other ad formats making them one of the most popular solutions among our publishers. Using this format will help you monetize 100% of your incoming traffic, from al GEOS and Browsers with much higher rates than “regular” display ad placements.

Adblock Solution

This additional function allows pop ads to reach all users even if they have an AdBlock installed. Due to the continuous increase in the use of Adblocks worldwide, this solution is crucial to prevent the conversions lost on Adblock users.

This format is available when using our pop ads.

Two easy implementation options, either use JS code- which may require updates from time to time or Server to Server integration- where the script updates itself constantly,  this kind of implementation requires minor development skills but is highly recommended as it works for 99% of the users 100% of the time.

push notification

Push notifications

An extremely popular format that blends perfectly with other ads.

This ad appears as a small notification banner on both mobile and desktop devices and asks the user to opt-in to the push notification service. If the users subscribe to the service, the website will be able to send them push notifications to the subscribed device, every time that the user clicks on the push notification that he receives you get paid.

Push notification is an excellent long-term monetization solution as it is non-intrusive but allows you to generate revenue even if the user is no longer visiting your website.

native ads

Native Floater

Known also as in-page push, The ad appears as one or two small sliding banners on the side of the web page, providing high CTR rates without interfering with the user’s experience.

As this format is monetized per click (CPC) The banners placement is set by the most clicked area on the website ensuring higher conversions.

Native floaters are a great option for an additional ad as they perform well in combination with other ads, as well as on their own.

intersttial ads


This ad appears in between the website pages, as a full screen above the website, several seconds after the page loads. The user can either tap on the ad and see the offer or easily close it and return to the webpage he was viewing.

This module is monetized using CPC and it is suitable for all operating systems.

What parameters affect your monetization strategy?

Google Analytics

Amount of Traffic

As previously mentioned, the larger your traffic the higher your revenue will be, as you will have more users viewing and engaging with the ads.

GEO breakdown

It’s important to understand that all traffic has different CPM rates depending on its country of origin. The better the tier of origin the higher the CPM will be.

For example, US traffic will receive higher CPM in comparison to Indian traffic, as USA is tier 1 traffic and India is tier 3 traffic.


It’s important to stay alert for changes even if you are not a sports streaming website, throughout the year there are changes and trends you can improve your monetization strategy when aware of them. For example, there will be a decrease in traffic on Christmas eve so you will want to be sure to have ads running in the days leading to this event.

If your users have Adblock software installed, as many users now do, you will want to use our Adblock bypass solution to be sure the ads are reaching all of your website traffic and creating the maximum potential profit.

How to increase your performance

formats admaven

Combine monetization formats

Using more than one format is a great way to create extra profit from complementing ad formats. It will ensure users are intrigued over time and continue to create profit.

Increase organic traffic

Improve and enlarge your traffic by increasing organic users. You can do so using SEO (search engine optimization)

Monetize social media

The extra traffic hiding on your social media account can be monetized as well.


The better your website user experience, UX design, and content, the more users you will have. Be sure to strive to improve these elements always.


How will your revenue be calculated?

Depending on the ad formats chosen, you will receive payment for your traffic using different parameters.

CPM = cost per impression (view), is the parameter used when you are advertising with pop ads.
CPC = cost per click is used for the native banners and interstitials.
CPA = cost per action is used when setting up a push native.

At the end – it all comes down to profit in USD.

Why partner with AdMaven?

AdMaven is a great place to start monetizing your traffic, as we offer 24hr support including personal and experienced account managers eager to find the best performing formats for you. Also, there is no minimum requirement for website size to begin!

We support all kinds of website verticals including blogs, gaming, and adult websites.

And here’s the best part, we offer a higher margin than our competitor in the game.

Let’s get started today!

How Adblock Is Costing You Money And How Our Solution Can Help

As a website owner, you invested a lot in creating the perfect website, creating the highest quality of content, making sure you offer the best user experience, and much more. To keep your website profitable you monetize your traffic using the best-fit ad solutions.

In the past few years, the number of users using Adblock software to block ads has increased significantly. 27% of users in North America use Adblock daily and this number is growing!

adblock data

It’s a major problem—one that’s only expected to grow as more people use ad blockers in future years. It’s becoming harder to reach all traffic and create maximum revenue with this growing trend.

What is an AdBlock?

Adblock software is implemented and used to avoid ads. It blocks your ads from appearing on users’ devise. Meaning users who have installed AdBlock software on their devices will no longer view your ads. This, of course, will automatically decrease your profit.

Why do you need an AdBlock solution?

To reach full monetization potential, we want to be sure no user is missing the campaign, and even Adblock users are engaged with the ads.
Using our Adblock solution is the way to promise your ads generate the maximum profit possible.

How to implement the AdBlock solution to your website

We offer two simple ways to integrate this solution into your website.

  • The first, Simple Javascript Anti Adblock code –
    Can be implemented on any website, however may require updates from time to time.
  • The second, Server to Server integration –
    Adblock tools and easylists are constantly updated, this script updates itself according to the latest Adblock list changes – it requires some minor development skills but the outcome is a bulletproof Adblock solution!
    We of course will give further assistance if needed.

Once you are done with the implementation chosen be sure to contact our support once done to be sure the solution is running.

Let’s summarize the benefits of using the AdBlock solution
-> Instant revenue increase – You now will reach all users previously lost while using AdBlock software.
-> Easy integration – Two ways to implement this solution using JS code or Server to server methods.
-> Personal Developer assistance – Available to you if needed.
-> Custom-made solutions for special cases – custom solutions are personally created if needed.


Increase your profit with a new ad format that will compliment your existing solution. 

Enhance your existing monetization strategy with the best additional solution for your website.

Pop admaven image


The most popular, top-performing ad format.

This ad appears when your user clicks anywhere on the page and opens in a New Tab, New Tab Under, or New Window depending on the publisher’s preference.

When using this format, you can also choose to integrate our Adblock solution. Allowing the pop ads to reach all users, even if they have an AdBlock installed

Adblock Solution
This additional function allows pop ads to reach all users even if they have an AdBlock installed. Due to the continuous increase in the use of Adblocks worldwide, this solution is crucial to prevent the conversions lost on Adblock users.
This format is available when using our pop ads.
Two easy implementation options, either use JS code- which may require updates from time to time or Server to Server integration- where the script updates itself constantly,  this kind of implementation requires minor development skills but is highly recommended as it works for 99% of the users 100% of the time.

push admaven image

Push notifications 

An extremely popular format that blends perfectly with other ads.

This ad appears as a small notification banner on both mobile and desktop devices and asks the user to opt-in to the push notification service. If the users subscribe to the service, the website will be able to send them push notifications to the subscribed device, every time that the user clicks on the push notification that he receives you get paid.

native banner admaven image

Native Banner

Known also as in-page push, The ad appears as one or two small sliding banners on the side of the web page, providing high CTR rates without interfering with the user’s experience.

As this format is monetized per click (CPC) The banners placement is set by the most clicked area on the website ensuring higher conversions.

Native floaters are a great option for an additional ad as they perform well in combination with other ads, as well as on their own.

Contact us at to get 24/7 assistance with your new ad format.

Shopping & Holiday Season Advertisers Guide

Shopping & Holiday Season Advertisers Guide


The holiday season, along with its shopping craze, is just around the corner, and it’s time to get ready because it’s getting bigger and bigger every year, especially with Covid-19 still being relevant!

November is the ultimate shopping month starting with Chinese Singles’ day (November 11th), Black Friday (November 26th), Cyber Monday (November 29th), as they open the holiday season.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you optimize campaigns and maximize your sales and offers.

⌛ Start Early – Timing And Budget

It’s tempting to think that once you’d launch your campaign it will convert like crazy just because it’s the holiday season. What works for one advertiser, won’t necessarily work for another. Don’t wait for the last minute to start experimenting, start testing and optimizing now!

ADJUST YOUR BUDGET – traffic is going up, and so are the prices. Make sure your campaigns are always active by increasing budgets, removing caps, and possibly increasing your bids to win it all.

SCHEDULE YOUR CAMPAIGNS – make sure your campaigns are scheduled to run at least 5 days before the big sale events. visitors are highly engaging this period of the year and you can enjoy the hipe.

🛍️  Popular verticals and creative tips

Well, you already know it – but we just want to make sure you don’t forget –

eCommerce campaigns, especially those with cookies that let you enjoy late sales – are the best for the shopping and holiday season.

Remember that many advertisers run the same ads, so try and choose creatives that will catch visitors’ eyes.

OTHER CAMPAIGN VERTICALS will also work great – especially if you adjust your landing pages (across all formats) and creatives (push and in page push).
Create shiny pages, present a special deal, award or opportunity and ride the wave of visitors being open to new things. Sweeps, Casino, Dating & Utilities will always do the job.

🎯 🎯 🎯 Targeting & Tracking 

Having the right campaigns set up is one thing, but optimizing them is as important.

Make sure you have your tracking pixel in place – you can read about why is it important to have it in place in our post blog
TOP 5 BENEFITS You Will Gain From Using Conversion Tracking

Make sure your campaigns operate on every operating system and browser and don’t neglect mobile – visitors nowadays do more and more of their shopping online and through their mobile phones.

For any questions or suggestions, please contact our devoted customer support.

Happy Shopping and Holiday Season!

TOP 5 BENEFITS You Will Gain From Using Conversion Tracking

Implementing Conversion tracking for a campaign is probably the number one cause for technical problems regarding affiliate marketing but funny enough, not using a Postback URL for tracking is the number one mistake you can make as an affiliate. 

Conversion tracking allows you to know where your conversions derive from so you can increase your profits and unleash the full potential of your campaigns!

It allows affiliate marketers to track and attribute conversions to their affiliate marketing campaigns.

analysis converstion tracking

Here are the TOP 5 BENEFITS you will gain from using conversion tracking 

  1. One dashboard to rule them all
    We know how confusing and exhausting it can be to work with several different platforms and tracking tools. Using Conversion tracking will feed AdMaven’s platform with the results of the campaigns. Conversion tracking will allow you to get all the information you need in one dashboard!
  2. Measure ROI
    ROI is a key performance indicator for measuring the success of your campaign.
    Tracking conversions will help you understand:
    • How many conversions you have got.
    • How much revenue you have earned from running your campaign.
    Comparing these parameters to your cost equals ROI!
    By using Conversion tracking, you will be able to calculate your ROI a lot faster and easier and conclude accordingly.
  3. Make Adjustments
    ROI is not always enough. We want you to make profits, and lots of them!
    Conversions can be shown per source, GEO, device, operating system, and many more segments, rather than only at the campaign level.
    This will allow you to check what segments are profitable for you and which ones require attention, and as a result – optimize more accurately.
  4. Get Better Tips From Our Experts
    We have a team of experts with a purpose – they want you to be profitable!
    By tracking your conversions, you get the chance to get unique and focused advice from our team of experts, who will help you with adjustments and tactics that can improve your campaigns significantly.
  5. Use Your Data To Expand Your Business
    Conversion tracking gives you an important ability which is the ability to focus. Focus on the segments that work well and leave those who don’t, focus on the right price, GEOs, and browser versions, and ditch the ones who drag your campaign performance down. Working that way will gain you a much better understating of what you should concentrate on, which is critical for your campaigns to work, not only with AdMaven.

To learn more about how to use conversion tracking with AdMaven, please read this article


referral program

We are happy to announce that we’re launching our referral program!

How does it work?

  • From September 6th to October 7th, we will enable the possibility to get a unique referral link for each advertiser.
  • If an advertiser signed up using your link from September 6th to October 7th, he is considered a referral.
  • You will get a 7% commission of the spending made by your referrals for 90 days.

Where do I get my referral link?

  • Easy! Click on “Referrals” in your UI and get your unique referral link.

How do I get the money?

  • The commission will be added to your balance automatically after 90 days.

Can I track how much commission I’m supposed to get?

  • Yes! Under “Referrals” you will be to see all the information about new referrals and commissions.


  • Referral links will be available for a limited time only
  • Only new advertisers or, advertisers who didn’t work with us during 2021 will be considered as referrals.
  • Advertisers suspected of abusing the program won’t get their commission, and further actions may be considered.
Feel free to contact us!

How To Earn More From Your Traffic

Publishers are constantly trying to generate the best revenue possible while keeping the right balance between ads and user experience. With that said, a lot still can be done in order to maximize even more a site’s revenue given the same visitor blend.

Here are a few tips that will help you get more out of your existing traffic:

1) Use Adblock bypass codes to show ads to 100% of your users
about 30% of the users use some sort of AdBlock on their browser – this is a pure loss of revenue for you as a publisher.
Using AdMaven’s AdBlock bypass solution, you will be able to show ads to 100% of your users and makeup to 30%-40% more revenue as those users aren’t used to seeing ads thus their value is sometimes higher than regular users.

2) Choose the right ad format and place it correctly on your website
There are many ad formats, from banners, pop ads, push notifications, sliders and more.
Each format has its own advantages and disadvantages, and each will work differently given a certain user behavior, traffic blend and site vertical. Once selected, you should place the ad at the page and timing that will suit the user’s behavior.

3) Configure the chosen ad formats correctly to maximum results
Ad formats can perform differently depending on how they are configured.
AdMaven has a few configurable factors that can affect the performance significantly such as global cap, session cap, frequency and time between ads display:

* Cap of ads per user – The number of ads a user sees per time frame (usually 24 hours) is critical. Increasing those caps will show the user more ads and will yield higher revenue, up to a point where it starts damaging the user experience.

Advise with your account manager in order to find the best balance and set the cap correctly. In the end, there are no “magic” solutions, In AdMaven we bring you professionalism, experience, and dedication; those are the keys for our success.

To learn more about ways to increase your revenue, contact your account manager or CLICK HERE

Feel free to contact us! Mail: 

HOW YOU SHOULD PLAY IT RIGHT with sports events

sports events

Timing is everything

First, a simple rule sometimes missed by affiliates 😉 Don’t forget to set your campaigns to run on the days and hours of the events. Its recommended to start running the campaigns at least three hours before the actual event as users looking for the live streaming channels in advance and traffic starts showing by then.

The bigger the event the bigger the traffic and the better it converts if played right. Adjust your campaign to be global or geo oriented according to the match and phase of a tournament.

We have added a link to the event schedule so you will have it ready with you at all times:

Cool Timeline

December 9

FIFA Club World Cup – Japan

November 6

UEFA Nations League – Italy

July 24

Archery – 1/8 Eliminations Results

July 24

Basketball 3×3 Session 4

July 24

Football – New Zealand vs United States

July 24

Football – Netherlands vs Brazil

July 24

Football – Japan vs Great Britain

July 24

Football – Sweden vs Australia

July 24

Basketball 3×3 Session 3

July 24

Football – China vs Zambia

Use the right offer

While many offers might convert and show an increased performance, there are some offer verticals that stands above all.

Our experience shows that VPN and Proxy apps and subscription either mobile or desktop work great as well as VOD offers, igaming sport bet offers, dating and even casino.


Pick the correct ad formats

Push and in-page push are the number one formats for monetizing sports events traffic.

They blend perfectly with the website users are watching matches on, and appear exactly on a relevant timeframe.

New tab pops will also perform well as they take the user attention onto the full screen ad.

Its important that you test those formats on small events to see how they perform for you, so you are ready for the real stuff.

in-page push

Creative, creative, creative

This is a tip to remember. While many run similar offers of the same verticals, there are some affiliates that has the entire flow in place.

Try and adjust your offer creatives, landings and pre-landings to match the event and be even more specific and adjust them per match. This can increase result by 50%

creative live video

Buy the suitable traffic subids

AdMaven has a 24/7 support representatives in charge. Use them to get insights about preferred traffic sources and receive free tips from the real experts.

We are available at all times on the little chat button on the platform or by email:

Grand Slam Winners – Best AdNetwork for 2021

image best adnetwork - AdMaven

AdMaven is the best Ad Network, so they say!

Thank you for choosing AdMaven as the best ad network for 2021 at the affiliate grand slam event which was taking place in Dubai earlier this week!

We at AdMaven are doing the best we can to always provide our advertisers with the highest quality direct traffic in order to increase their ROI, while maximizing our wide publisher network revenues all along.

We Promise to continue to do our best for both advertisers, content creators and publishers in the future and want to invite you to join the ride.

If you are an advertiser looking for traffic, we have it for you – with over 5 Billion daily real impressions, multiple formats and a great self-serve platform we are sure you can find the traffic that converts for you. Sign up here for special deals and access to exclusive traffic.

Publisher looking to monetize your traffic?

Join the club and start increasing your revenue while keeping your users and website safe.

Last but not least – thank you for taking part in building this amazing network!


3 Mistakes to Avoid as a Publisher

Being a publisher requires making a lot of decisions along the way.

Designing your website, choosing a hosting company, choosing the right content and finding ways to drive traffic.

This and more, another very important field that has to be taken care of in a professional way is the monetization, meaning turning traffic into revenues.

Here as well, a lot of decisions have to be made – choosing a monetization partner, selecting the right formats, placing the tags and ads on your website, adjusting the trade-off between revenue making and user experience & more.

Being one of the most experienced and innovative ad networks, we have made a short review about the most common mistakes publishers tend to do while taking the above decisions, in order to help you as publisher to do it the right way

First mistake – choosing only by the revenues an ad network pays you

This is a tricky one. You usually get an offer from publisher managers working for different ad networks offering you to pay more than you are getting paid now.

This is an option – but remember:

Increasing your revenue but damaging your users experience with way too aggressive ads will cause your traffic to decrease over time.

Choose a well-known network which understands this tender balance between revenue making and user experience

Second Mistake – choosing an unknown ad network

Ad networks that are relatively small and unknown will do everything they can to “win” your traffic, including being too aggressive and promising you the moon and a few stars.
Here is what you should do:

  • Ask for websites examples which the ad network is working with.
    • If an ad network is working with big websites it means they can handle the traffic, pay well, and pay on time.

If they work with similar sites like yours means they have experience monetization your traffic and have proper advertisers for it, therefore the revenue will be higher and stable right from the start.

  • Search known forums for feedback. Those are good to get a glance.
    • keep in mind that forum users have their own perspective and sometimes have certain interest on placing a comment, so its a good first step but shouldn’t base the forums comments for your final decision whether to use an ad network or not.

Third mistake – Choosing an Ad Network that runs a single ad format

Choose an Ad-network that specializes in several ad formats
Focusing on one network that has multiple formats as a one-stop-shop will save you a lot of time, efforts plus it will boost your revenue.

An ad network that offers multiple formats is more likely to optimize between the formats to maximize both revenues and user experience.

This and more – you as a publisher will prefer dealing with one point of contact in regards to your monetization solutions both for support, payments and reporting