Unlock Your Earning Potential: Make Money with Content Lockers

Posted: 2023-05-03

You don’t even need a website (but it’s still cool if you have one). AdMaven offers you an amazing way to make money from sharing links!

Content lockers are the hottest trend in the digital marketing arena, providing an exciting and lucrative opportunity for publishers to monetize their creative masterpieces.

Unlock a world of endless possibilities and passive income streams! It’s so easy to use, too. Your users are prompted to complete a short action, such as a survey or sharing on social media, to access your premium content. 

How does a content locker work?

  1. Shorten your links with our special tool and share them
  2. Users who click your links will have to complete a task to unlock the gated content
  3. You get paid according to users’ performance 

Content locker is easy to integrate

Content locking is one of the quickest, easiest ways to make money online. You don’t even need a website!

All you need to do is open a publisher account, shorten some links with our tools and start sharing those links wherever you want.

High & frequent payouts

Our payouts are the highest among ad networks: up to $30 per 1,000 impressions. You can get paid through various means, and choose the payout frequency. 

User friendly

We provide an easy to use, smooth experience, with minimum flow distractions and high-quality ads. The users will happily unlock the content!

Traffic types 

We offer monetization to the content you share in blogs, forums, websites, social channels and practically every online asset you can think of.

You can content-lock file downloads, an article, a tutorial video, a code snippet or a blog post – any link can now be a gateway for earning money. 

Content locker is available on mobile & desktop 

We support all platforms: in-app, web mobile traffic or desktop traffic. We’ve got you covered!


We know you want accuracy and data, in order to plan your content and campaign strategy. Our link shortener enables you to track the performance of every link you send out and optimize them as needed.

Why use our link shortener to monetize your content? 

  1. Shorter links are nicer on the eye, and easier to share
  2. Content locking via our link shortener will help you earn top dollars 
  3. Full tracking and detailed data allow you to optimize and increase profit

Let’s get you started! Happy monetizing, content creators!

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