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The last quarter of 2018 has started and now is exactly the time to start looking back at the changes that impacted online advertising in the past year. We can say with confidence that the biggest trend in 2018 was the introduction of the Push Notifications ad format. publishers that have implemented it, have already reported a game-changing revenue increase. In the last few months, websites from all verticals, from top news sites, through file-sharing, streaming and gaming sites, and all the way to Google and Youtube, everyone is hopping on the Push Notifications train. In times like these, when Google Adblock target websites directly and cuts their revenue by up to 50%, this ad format is crucial than ever. AdMaven already has over 10,000 publishers who use Push Notifications regularly, a very fair and representative sample. We can see the change in our publishers this year in a clear and loud voice and therefore determine Push Notifications ad format is by far the hottest trend of 2018. Join YouTube, CNN, Forbes, and many many others and add Push Notifications to your site today – Sign-up HERE!


When we opened a webshop, the first question that came to our minds was how do we get traffic? Traffic means customers, customers means conversions and conversions means sales and money in the bank. There are loads of traffic to be acquired, but with a tight budget, and with somewhat limited time, where do you get it?

We took a look at the available options out there today, and we firmly believe that it’s time to push things forward.

Different options to gain traffic to your website:

  • Social Media Ads
  • Influencers
  • PBN –Personal blog network
  • Traditional media
  • Push notification ads

You might wonder what we are talking about, but the answer is simple, we used the new kid on the block – the Push Notification Ad from AdMaven ! This way we found our perfect audience, creating leads and sales, for less budget than we would have had to spend on, for example, Facebook. A lot has already been said about the format, but we wanted to give our view on the topic, as an advertiser agency, and as product owners.

Our strategy with Push Notification Ads

When we decided to give the above-mentioned format a go, we wanted to create a new opportunity for our potential customers. We, therefore, decided to give out a small, but attractive, discount. For our poster shop, with a focus on kitchen wall art, ( we gave our customers free shipping when ordering via the mobile site. The message was clear from the beginning, and the Push Notification ad delivered the message perfectly.


When our campaign had been running for some time, and we started to see traction, we also started to optimize our campaign. The first step was to identify what countries worked best for the product.

We started scaling off the ones that did not convert well, and that way ended with a more specific target. This specific target became the foundation from where we started to scale up the campaign.


After a while, when optimizing on countries, the next step became optimizing on device and platform. The reports showed, that the campaign had gained more traction on mobile devices, compared to desktop. Therefore, the next step had to be to scale up the mobile spend.

  1. Countries
  2. Device
  3. Time targeting

We decided to keep improving the desktop campaign instead of pausing it. It still showed potential, just not the same numbers as for mobile

The third step we went through, was to time target the campaign. This was done in conjunction with the results for the different regions. We did not see much point in spending most of our money in the middle of the night, during, for example, the weekend in some regions. Believe it or not, but some people do other things than shop online during some of the hours of the day…

Results versus social media campaign

For this specific brand, and for some of our others, we have tried campaigns on social media. Social media is a great way to find a targeted audience, but it does come with a price. When Push Notification ads were introduced to us, we immediately saw the potential. It comes in large volumes and at an attractive price. The price is one of the key factors why the format has become more attractive for our brand.

Not just e-commerce

What we discovered is that the Push format fits perfectly well if you want to sell your product effectively, but also, it isn’t just for e-commerce (or in this case kitchen posters).

The format has proved to work great for a wide range of products such as gaming apps, gambling promotions and even if you are just looking to get website traffic.


There’s a lot of formats out there today, but there are rare times when a new one comes along and shows loads of potential. This is just the beginning of the format and we are looking forward to tapping into more and more markets and products with the ad format.

For us as product, and brand owners, our next step is to scale up our promotion for our unique posters, finding new markets and optimizing on potential customer segments. And for us as an advertising agency, there’s no limit to the products that can be promoted this way, not to mention the untapped regions there is to explore….

About the Author:

Rick Lindahl is the owner of, an Advertising and Marketing Industry News Portal. With many years of experience from working in the global online advertising industry, both as a publisher and advertiser , he now shares some of his experience in the field.


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AdMaven has been a leader in the ad tech industry for the past 20 years, during which, we have accumulated much experience in all aspects of the field and we have developed the best technology. Our publishers receive personal attention and dedicated account managers to assist them through the process of embedding the Push tag on their site. All of the above allows us to offer our publishers many things, among them:

1) Higher rates:We maintain long-term relationships with the biggest Native ad networks in the market, specializing in premium advertisers , which enables them to produces the highest rates today.

2) Quality and targeted advertisements:Our advertisements/notifications are very well targeted and grab the attention of the users.You will be able to accumulate subscribers fast and the traffic will grow day by day.

3) Flexibility and customized solutions:The Admaven’s technology is all in-house, no 3rd party, no outsourcing, so we are able to enforce every level of compliance you need from our end, and without any delays.

4) Payment terms:We are working with Paypal, Payoneer, Bank wire and BTC. Offering our publishers a variety of payment terms, including Net 30, Net 0, BI weekly and more. Push Notifications is an extremely user-friendly ad format.It’s a non-intrusive ad unit which enables you to earn money on each user even long after he left your site.These advantages are what makes the Push Notifications the hottest ad format today and mandatory for each publisher.

The Push is going to Push your revenue – So what are you waiting for?


The rise of new ad formats such as Push Notifications is getting more and more significant. This week Google announced that starting next month they are expending their adblocking campaign to block another ad format –

Due to this expansion and the fact that Google is tightening their adblocking efforts on different ad formats, the traffic you used to buy from several specific channels will decrease. That is why new compliant ad formats are emerging.

Push Notifications, Interstitials, and Native Ads have already gained a lot of momentum in 2018 and are now the focus of many advertisers’ budgets, up to the point where a lot of advertisers are employing dedicated media buyers only for these ad formats.

Contact us or sign-up now to start your Push Campaign!


This week Google announced that starting next month they are going to expend their adblocking campaign and block even more ads –

As an ad network that’s working with over 10,000 publishers, we have very interesting insights about what’s going on in the industry around the world. Many of our publishers are reporting that in the past year Google approached them about their ads and every publisher received different results as what seems to be a big scale adblock experiment.

We have been collecting these reports and our publishers have agreed to share the methods they are using to confront Google adblock. Today we would like to share their methods with you and we would be happy to assist you in any way to find a strategy that best fits your site:

1. Regulatory Institutions – Several publishers have already approached regulatory institutions such as the FTC in the US and the Competition Commission in the European Union and submitted official complaints against Google adblock. Margrethe Vestager, the European Commissioner for Competition ( has promised to follow and examine the issue of Google adblock when it was first introduced however it seems she did not keep up to her word. As a result, many publishers have approached her anonymously fearing Google’s retribution.

2. Anti-trust law firms – Some publishers contacted different anti-trust law firms in order to file lawsuits against Google. Both for abusing their power as a monopoly and for blocking complete sites, mostly in the adult and file-sharing verticals which don’t use Google ads.

3. Compliance – Other publishers are working with Google in order to fix their ads according to Google’s compliance guidelines. These publishers are reporting a decrease in revenue of 30%-70%.

4. Bypass – Many publishers have also reported that they are fighting Google by using different methods that exist in the industry to bypass Google adblock.

5.Payment Processing – Publishers are also switching to a model of payment processing. In order to save and increase the revenue they lost to Google adblock, publishers are trying new ways such as removing their ads and charging $9.90 per user for monthly subscriptions on their sites. Not all publishers can use this method but several of our publishers reported great success with it. In a world where most online content is free, not everyone can accomplish this.

6. Circumvent Chrome – A small number of publishers reported that they stopped operating in the Chrome browser and they give their users the choice between downloading an APK and using their service as an app or using the site in another browser. The problem with this method is that Chrome has a big market share and only a small amount of websites can afford themselves to use this option.

7. Interstitial – There are publishers who decided to embrace Google’s compliance guidelines, replacing Pop-up ads with Interstitial ads which are compliant with Google guidelines.

8. Push Notifications – More publishers have switched to Push Notifications ad format which is both compliant and an even better source of revenue than their previous ads.

9. Native – Another complaint ad format many publishers are adopting instead of their non-compliant ads.

10. Playing Catch – We got reports from several publishers who are playing with Google a game of “catch” while they change their ads according to Google requests for a month or two and then return to their non-compliant formats. This method has worked for them very well in the past year, however, it is possible that after the coming change in December it will not work so well anymore.

11. OFF Message – A few publishers have blocked their own sites, presenting a message to users to turn off Google adblock in order to use the site. This method is still problematic since Google “buried” the off button deep in the browser settings.

We here at AdMaven will be happy to assist and consult you on the best strategy for your site. We can also help with implementing some of the above solutions such as Push Notifications, Interstitial ads, adblock bypass and payment processing for subscribers.