Posted: 2021-12-26

Increase your profit with a new ad format that will compliment your existing solution. 

Enhance your existing monetization strategy with the best additional solution for your website.

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The most popular, top-performing ad format.

This ad appears when your user clicks anywhere on the page and opens in a New Tab, New Tab Under, or New Window depending on the publisher’s preference.

When using this format, you can also choose to integrate our Adblock solution. Allowing the pop ads to reach all users, even if they have an AdBlock installed

Adblock Solution
This additional function allows pop ads to reach all users even if they have an AdBlock installed. Due to the continuous increase in the use of Adblocks worldwide, this solution is crucial to prevent the conversions lost on Adblock users.
This format is available when using our pop ads.
Two easy implementation options, either use JS code- which may require updates from time to time or Server to Server integration- where the script updates itself constantly,  this kind of implementation requires minor development skills but is highly recommended as it works for 99% of the users 100% of the time.

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Push notifications 

An extremely popular format that blends perfectly with other ads.

This ad appears as a small notification banner on both mobile and desktop devices and asks the user to opt-in to the push notification service. If the users subscribe to the service, the website will be able to send them push notifications to the subscribed device, every time that the user clicks on the push notification that he receives you get paid.

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Native Banner

Known also as in-page push, The ad appears as one or two small sliding banners on the side of the web page, providing high CTR rates without interfering with the user’s experience.

As this format is monetized per click (CPC) The banners placement is set by the most clicked area on the website ensuring higher conversions.

Native floaters are a great option for an additional ad as they perform well in combination with other ads, as well as on their own.

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