There are indeed many ways to earn with Push Notifications. Every way is best suited to different people and with a different method.

We gathered for you below all the ways you can use the Push and how to do it.

1. Send traffic:

  • Who can make money?
    1. Publishers
      • DescriptionPublishers who own content websites. From blogs, through games, to news and more.
      • Common formats – The most common formats used to be Native but we see tremendous growth in the Hybrid and Interstitial formats. (more details in the next section – the different methods to send traffic)
      • Common business model– Most publishers are the owners of the domain where their push is located, and therefore usually work on a Rev-share model.
    2. Advertisers
      • Description Advertisers who own their own brand in various verticals, such as Nutra, sweepstakes, etc.
      • Common formats– The most common format is Native. Many advertisers who have added the Native to their chain have actually increased their eCPM. Some advertisers are reluctant to add anything to the flow of their advertising chain in fear of lower eCPM and a decrease in conversions, however, advertisers who added Native to their page report an increase in eCPM. (more details in section b)
      • Common business model– Similar to publishers, advertisers also own their domain and therefore work with the Rev-share model.
    3. Media buyers and networks
      • Description – Affiliates and networks that buy traffic from many different sources and send it 3rd side offers such as Nutra, sweepstakes, and nowadays also Pay Per subscription Push Notifications.
      • Common formats – Due to the nature of how they operate, they work best with full-page Pay Per Subscription format. (more details in section b)
      • Common business model – Usually they do not own the domain of the landing page, therefore the most common business model is Pay Per Subscription.
  • What are the different methods to send traffic?
    1. Native Push – 1 click ad model. Suitable for HTTPS domains, and shows great performance.
    2. Push In-Page – 2 clicks ad model. Works both on HTTP and HTTPS domains, designed to keep your brand safe.
    3. Hybrid Push – Offered exclusively by AdMaven, the Hybrid model incorporates both the Native and the In-Page push into one piece of code, optimizing them both on your side in order to generate the highest revenue possible.
    4. Native /not Native Interstitial – Designed for the transitions between 2 pages, whether before the user get to the requested content or between articles. This method can come with a “skip” button and/or a countdown.
    5. Native / not Native Content Locker – For websites with specific content the publisher wants to grant access only to users who subscribes such as videos and articles.
    6. Full-Page (Pay Per Subscription) – A not native landing page that receives traffic in order to convert through PPS.

2. Buy traffic

  • Where can you buy traffic?
    1. Direct networks – Companies such as OneSiganl, AdMaven, Urban Airship, and others, that work directly with publishers on their websites.
    2. DSP’s and mediators – Companies that connect to various networks such as OneSiganl, AdMaven, and Urban Airship in order to buy from them 3rd-side traffic. In this case, the advertiser loses about 40% of the profit because of the margin they cut as mediators and the discrepancy between platforms.
    3. Direct networks that connect to each other – Today, all direct networks are connected and buy traffic from each other. Advertisers have the option to work with each ad network separately, taking advantage of each network’s strengths, however, it is a lot of hard work operating 20 different platforms. Some prefer to connect with the biggest direct network, use their direct traffic, and in addition, get also all the 3rd-side traffic they buy from the rest of the networks.
  • In which business models can you buy?
    1. All models (CPM/CPC/CPA) are available out there, but 90% of push traffic is being sold through CPC.
  • How to design your ad?
    1. Everything you know about ad design is also relevant to Push Notifications, however, it is important that you will be familiar with the different push structures and how to optimize it properly both for mobile and desktop. There are many ways to change and improve your push and it is important that you know all of its moving parts:
      1. Icon
      2. Image
      3. Text
      4. CTA
  • What kind of advertising works best with push notifications?

Since retargeting was added to the world of Push Notifications it doesn’t matter anymore which vertical you are running, it all depends on your data, whether you advertise toasters, cars or a bank. For those of you who are still not working with retargeting, the most selling verticals are Nutra, Dating, Sports Betting, and Sweepstakes.

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Whether you’ve attended the conference or not, we gathered for you the hottest topics everyone talked about in Barcelona last week,

and every publisher and Advertiser must know about.


Without a doubt, after it has been around for years, this year the subscription has risen to new heights.

From apps in Ios and Android to e-commerce products.

From subscription to Nutra pills, all the way to a monthly subscription to bath and beauty products sent to the customer’s home,

this is defiantly turning into the golden year of subscriptions.

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The Push is still both the most dominant CPA offer on the market as well as the biggest traffic source available today.

Although a lot of traffic goes to many different verticals such as extensions, downloads, crypto, dating, and gambling,

currently, most of this traffic goes to CPA Push offers where users register to a push newsletter which gives them the ability to receive both news and ads in push form.

Many affiliates are focusing solely on Push offers, whether as an offer or as a promotion method, and many are reporting up to a six figures income from this method.

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  1. Crypto:

First, it is worth mentioning that a lot of black hat traffic goes to this kind of offers.

Also, this industry, which contained many Forex and Binary options companies, had and still have many strict regulations,

which led to the disappearance of many many companies. However, the ones which operated according to the law, which applied strict regulations,

are seeing now a massive growth, which is also gaining momentum in the last month due to the rise in Bitcoin value which puts the focus back on this market.

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  1. Branded Products:

We can see more and more companies that have finally realized that in order to succeed in the long run,

they can’t “abuse” customers and just sell some knockoff products through AliExpress.

They have to invest heavily in building a unique product.

They have to take the time to create quality branding for the products that they sell so the company will be represented correctly.

Many companies have learned working that way bring them great success,

increasing their conversions, their sales, their revenues, and some also find specific niches they couldn’t penetrate in the past.

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After reviewing data AdMaven has collected from thousands of websites, we can see that in many cases, the Pop ad format is still the main revenue source.

Like a bottle of great wine, the Pop ad format only gets better with time. Through the years, AdMaven and other companies, have been improving optimizations, fraud detection systems, and many other elements. More and more advertisers from new verticals started using Pop and new formats have been developed under the full-page umbrella. All the above have contributed much to the improvement of the Pop monetization in the last few years. Though there might still be changes on the way due to Google policy changes, it is no reason to change everything. Smart publishers are always trying new things such as Push Notifications, Video, etc. (as well they should), but they also keep a proven method that has served them well in the past and was always reliable.

To get the most out of your site, first thing, make sure you have at least one method of full-page advertising on it, whether it’s Popup, Popunder, or Interstitial, which is Adsense compliant. Always make sure your configuration is maximized. That your caps are set correctly, your ratio of pops per page is optimized, and that you find the right balance on your site between user-experience and maximizing your profits.

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