This coming week, AdMaven is releasing the latest version of its platform, AdMaven 8.1.1.This new release includes various updates and upgrades designed to benefits both our publishers and advertisers. Among these updates are several key elements:

  1. Optimization engine – We added over 50 new parameters to our AI engine, increasing its optimization accuracy by over 25%, along with new retargeting capabilities.
  2. Publishers’ protection – New features now allow protection at a much higher level, including a filtering system, picture-recognition algorithms, and anti-cloaking, designed to prevent offensive and malicious ads at the highest level.
  3. Advertisers’ protection – Our advertisers’ protection tools were upgraded to include a fraud traffic prevention system and a real-time compliance team trusted to ensure advertisers receive only their requested media channels.
  4. Pop – We are releasing the newest version of our anti-adblock solution, capable to bypass all new ad-block extensions.
  5. Push – We’ve expended our Push notifications capabilities to additional browsers and operating systems.

We are working hard to bring you more new and exciting surprises through 2019. Stay tuned. Go to our sign-up page or contact us to hear more.


Unlike those standard Push companies, who charge you for the basic action of sending notifications to your users, AdMaven is giving you the ability to send Push Notifications for free, while also making sure you will earn money doing so. How much do you pay today to send Push Notifications to all of your users? Is it more than $0? Contact our account managers today to learn how AdMaven can monetize your Push Notifications and turn your previous expenses into revenue.


Hear Ye Hear Ye, this week we have connected new premium traffic sources and they are now available to all of our self-service advertisers!! This is your chance to double down and grow your profits exponentially. Our direct available traffic is now double in size and as you already know, we offer only quality traffic channels.Contact our dedicated support agents today to find out how you can best use these new traffic sources for your new and ongoing campaigns. Or click right HERE to sign-up and start your campaign.


Here at AdMaven we consider it our mission to always keep one eye on the horizon, foresee the obstacles coming and plan ahead to keep our AdMaven Publishers happy. We do just that by developing top-edge products and assisting you to maintain high profits. Google announced this week that starting July 9, their adlocker will go global, covering all geo’s –​As part of the AdMaven mission, we have already seen this obstacle coming a long time ago and started developing new and advanced products to make sure you will not feel any change in revenues once this release goes live.Products like the Native Push and Push in-page have already been released this past year and these coming months we will unveil more products designed to make your life easier and your sites profitable. Talk to our account managers today to hear all about what AdMaven has to offer you.


A publisher’s path is not an easy one, as you well know. Ideas don’t just manifest into beautiful websites with Millions of visitors out of thin air. Most of our publishers have been with us for over a decade. For them, AdMaven is not just an ad network, it’s a home. We don’t just provide ads, we provide advice, guidance and we help steer them in the right direction. Many publishers struggle with basic decisions that can influence every aspect of their site. “which WordPress plugins should I use?”, “what is the best hosting for my site?”, “which SEO strategy should I choose?”.Different publishers have different needs, they encounter different problems. Some need to develop their own mobile apps, others spend months learning how to increase their traffic. We are here for you, let us help – Contact our account managers today for any inquiry you might have and we’ll be happy to assist.


Welcome to 2019!! Or like we already call it, the year of the Push.

The Push Notifications ad format continues to rise rapidly across all channels of online marketing and 2019 is the time for you to tag along for the ride. Today is your chance to get on the train right before it leaves the station. Ready?

1. Choosing the right offers – Sweepstakes, Casino, Crypto, Forex and Nutra are all gaining massive attraction and already showing not just potential, but also great profits.

2. Location, location, location – Don’t waste your entire budget on experimenting with geo-targeting. We are here to point you in the right direction:

  • Tier 1 – US, FR and DE.
  • Tier 3 – IN and ID.
  • GCC – SA and QA

Focus your efforts here – you will not regret it.

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