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HOW YOU SHOULD PLAY IT RIGHT with sports events

Timing is everything First, a simple rule sometimes missed by affiliates 😉 Don’t forget to set your campaigns to run on the days and hours of the events. Its recommended to start running the campaigns at least three hours before the actual event as users looking for the live streaming channels in advance and traffic […]

Best AdNetwork for 2021
Grand Slam Winners – Best AdNetwork for 2021

AdMaven is the best Ad Network, so they say! Thank you for choosing AdMaven as the best ad network for 2021 at the affiliate grand slam event which was taking place in Dubai earlier this week! We at AdMaven are doing the best we can to always provide our advertisers with the highest quality direct […]

admaven publishing mistakes
3 Mistakes to Avoid as a Publisher

Being a publisher requires making a lot of decisions along the way. Designing your website, choosing a hosting company, choosing the right content and finding ways to drive traffic. This and more, another very important field that has to be taken care of in a professional way is the monetization, meaning turning traffic into revenues. […]

admaven Happy new year 2021
Happy New Year!!

Dear partner, 2020 has been particularly challenging for all of us. Despite the difficulties, we have managed to reach new and exciting accomplishments that we have wanted to share with you: We have reached over 1.5 Trillion impressions! Over 5 Billion conversions were recorded on our platform. We have launched two new ad formats – In-page push and […]

admaven black friday
Looking For The Best Black Friday Offers?

Since the early 60’s, Black Friday marked the beginning of the shopping season in the US. Due to the strengthening of the US economy and the advent of the internet, Black Friday has become a global phenomenon that cannot be ignored these days. Both advertisers and consumers all around the world are counting the days […]