Over 25,000 publishers and ad networks find AdMaven’s ad units as the best solution to monetize their website while keeping it safe.



Full Coverage

We monetize every single user and impression, worldwide and on every device. Combined with high ECPM the results is increased revenue for you as a publisher.

High CPM

Using our optimization tools together with our vast direct advertisers, AdMaven provides publishers with an amazing ECPM and high revenue while maintaining great user experience.

Easy Integration

From native push notifications to full-screen ads, our ad placements are easy to implement. 5 minutes and you are set up to go live and start monetizing your valuable traffic.

Dedicated Support

A dedicated and experienced account manager will make sure you are always on the right track for making the best out of your website.

Flexible Payment Plans

We give you an option to get paid in several different methods and on the time that is most comfortable for you in order to keep it as flexible as possible.

Protect Your Brand

We keep our network as clean as it gets by filtering out inappropriate creatives and malware so that your site is safe and your visitors are satisfied.

Go Live In No-Time

Our self-serve platform will enable you as a publisher to get access to AdMaven’s multiple formats in a click of a button.

Create placements of different formats, view online reports and balance and contact your dedicated account manager.

Sign up > Add Your Sites > Create Tags > go live !


Higher CPM Is One Click Away

We are here mainly to serve our Publishers and we know that when it comes to monetizing your traffic it all comes down to the revenue you generate. With years of experience, we have created a winning method of generating the highest CPM:

  • We deliver the right ad to the right user using our Algorithm.
  • Over 10,000 direct advertisers give us 100% coverage.
  • Multiple formats that work together smoothly.
  • 10+ years of monetizing traffic experience

You bring the traffic, we do the magic


AdMaven has multiple ad units for publishers with a website, in order to ensure full coverage and highest CPM both on desktop and mobile web.

Mobile In-App

In addition to our mobile web solutions, we can also offer you with a variety of monetization formats for your App.

Link Shortner

Link shortening companies and websites just love our solution. We Simply produce higher CPM.

Network Traffic

AdMaven focuses on direct publishers, but it can definitely monetize network traffic using programmatic feeds for full-screen ads, push notification and more.


A large variety of formats is available for you to use anytime. From full-screen ads to push notifications, you can find the formats that suit you best. 

Clickable messages sent to users who subscribed to updates

Full screen ad opened on new tab and triggered upon click

 An Ad URL Linked to any object you choose on your site

 Full screen ad shown while blurring the background

 Full screen ad shown in between different pages

  The classic display ad can be used in predefined sizes

Get Paid the way you want it, when you want it

  • Flexible payment terms
  • Choose your favorite way of getting paid
  • Tailor-made payment solutions