Looking For The Best Black Friday Offers?

Since the early 60’s, Black Friday marked the beginning of the shopping season in the US.
Due to the strengthening of the US economy and the advent of the internet, Black Friday has become a global phenomenon that cannot be ignored these days.
Both advertisers and consumers all around the world are counting the days till this crazy event, and we’ve decided to join the party!

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Happy Black Friday

Interstitial Ads: A Closer Look

After analyzing the performance of our publishers’ monetization during the past month we can see a new rising star. We introduced several different improvements to our Interstitial ad model in the last few months and the results are defiantly showing.

For those of you who still don’t use this great monetization tool, here are a few reasons why you should start using it right now:

User Friendly – The interstitial ad model is not intrusive. Users accept it as part of the natural flow of the website and it is easy for them to close it without too much struggle.

Full Content Control – Choose the ad types and verticals you want to show your users (including Native). Configure the right capping and intervals for your website.

High Performance – Taking into consideration the number of clicks and revenue the Interstitial generates, it makes it one of the highest performing models.

The new Interstitial design help improves, even more, the performance and the interaction of the users with the ads.

The new interstitial can also be used inside players, it has a new design much friendlier to the user, who can close it with fewer difficulties.

In conclusion, we don’t want you to miss this great opportunity to earn big with another one of our best-performing products, so, until the 15th of December, every publisher who implements the Interstitial will receive a 15% BONUS on his revenue.

Contact your account manager now to get more details.