In-Page Push Ads: A Monetization Guide

Posted: 2023-10-26

Push notifications are one of the best tools for monetization. Did you know there are different kinds of push ads? Today, we’ll tell you all you need to know about in-page push notifications, also known as web push.

What is In-Page Push?

In-Page push notifications are a popup push that users see when they visit your website. Unlike regular push ads, they don’t need to subscribe in order to see it. They simply see it when they enter the website. Both Android and iOS users will see  in-page push notifications. In fact, in-page push works on all platforms, so it’s very efficient and guarantees a great reach. For some offers, In-Page Push can bring up to 30% CTR.

Web push is a very popular ad format. 85% of online stores and different  e-commerce websites use web push notifications in their business. The sign-up rate can get as high as 25%.

In-page push notifications don’t suffer from problems related to browser updates. Affiliate marketers do not have to utilize double opt-in confirmation because users don’t have to subscribe at all. Most web push subscribers sign up from mobile devices. It really is a great and easy push ad, you can use to quickly start monetizing traffic.

What exactly sets In-Page Push apart from the more traditional Classic Push?

No Subscription Necessary: The standout feature of In-Page Push is its independence from user subscriptions. While classic Push notifications hinge on users subscribing to a service or platform, In-Page Push eliminates this prerequisite, improving user engagement.

Universal Platform Compatibility: In-Page offers compatibility on all platforms. This means advertisers can effectively target and engage users across all devices and operating systems, broadening their reach significantly.

Deals with Ad-Blockers: AdBlock or other similar tools don’t have an effect on the delivery of web push.

Advantages and Uses of In-Page Push

Targeted Ad Delivery: With In-Page Push, publishers can deliver highly targeted ads based on user behavior, demographics, and content preferences, ensuring higher click-through rates and, consequently, increased revenue.

Real-time Promotions: Instantly showcase time-sensitive offers, discounts, or deals from advertisers, tapping into the impulse buying behavior of users.

Seamless User Experience: In-Page Push notifications blend naturally with the content, ensuring that user experience remains unhindered while still effectively delivering ads.

Dynamic Retargeting: Engage users who’ve shown interest in specific products or services with retargeted ads, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Best Verticals for In-Page Push

Sweepstakes, gambling, antivirus software, dating and crypto currency are generally thought to be the best verticals for in-page push ads.

Should I use classic and in-page push together?

We advise employing different formats for individual campaigns rather than merging them. This is because each format yields different results and brings in varied user responses. By keeping them separate, you can more accurately assess and fine-tune your campaign’s effectiveness, taking into account metrics like user engagement, click-through rate (CTR), cost per action (CPA), and so on.

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