Yaniv Tal, one of AdMaven’s affiliate, which has agreed to share his three tips on how he makes 65K a month with AdMaven. Today we will present you the second tip: Use brands!

1) Offer the user a gift/raffle of an actual brand – as previously mentioned, Yaniv also ran a Sweepstakes offer for an amazon gift card. First of all, The push notification image was of the Amazon logo in order to entice the user to press on the Image, and once the user reached to the landing page, there was no doubt that he was competing for an Amazon gift card.

2) Find an article or a news piece about your product – One of the products Yaniv ran, as we mentioned last week, was a Nutra product. Yaniv found an article from a well-known publication, which refers to his product. By adding, the link from a well-known publication to his ad increased the validity of his product and gave the ad a completely different perspective.

3) Yaniv closed direct deals with a few leading brands on the verticals he wished to run. The payouts were significantly higher, which made it a lot easier to turn a profit on the traffic. In conclusion, you cannot lose when you are using a brand, simply make sure that the user is well aware the brand and the conversions would follow.


Continuing with our Top verticals for Push notification. Last time around we went over a few selected ones: Dating, Nutra, Crypto and Sweepstakes. So now get ready for the 2nd edition of AdMaven’s top Verticals. As you must know, there are numerous verticals running on AdMaven’s Push notification traffic. Here’s some more of our top verticals.

• Lotto – You can never go wrong when you offer a user to make money while taking a raffle. Lotto offers have been showing high ROI and CTR% off the charts.

• Casino – The prospect of beating the house has always been a fantasy for most, now you can offer the user to do just that and make money along the way. With the correct creative, the clicks and deposits are going to pour in.

• Sport Bet – All of the major European leagues are back, and sport bets offers are back in the front. Ronaldo and Messi are waiting for you to pick the winning team.

• Forex/Binary – Round up quality leads and start capitalizing on the strongest “make money” offers today. Offer the user the opportunity to make real money.

• Extensions – Try to Run search extensions that change’s the user’s home page to yahoo! or bing. Think of the best suiting creative that would create and engage the users to create a conversion.

• Utility apps for mobile – Whether it’s an app that can help you clean your phone or an Anti-virus, the users are always looking for the next product that would prolong their phone’s life.


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Always wondered what to promote on Push Notifications and was too afraid to ask

AdMaven is at your service! Our team of experts has compiled the top four verticals, which have been showing the top ROI across the board

  • Sweepstakes – Whether it‘s win an iPhone or a Walmart gift card, intrigue and engage users with special offers that would benefit them!
  • Dating – Sites or Apps on Push Notifications have been showing increased results, and ROI has been off the charts
  • Nutra – Interest different audiences with a verity of products. Most popular offers consist of Lose weight and Hair loss products.
  • Crypto – Take advantage of the hottest trend in the market today, and create quality leads.