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admaven advertisers chrome 84 effects
How Will Chrome 84 Update Affect YOU?

Now and then Google releases a new update that makes the affiliate marketing industry tremble. This time, we’re talking about Chrome 84. The newest change is making some notifications quiet (Click here to read more) which will decrease over time the amount of available push traffic. What it means is that it will be more […]

admaven premium referral program
AdMaven’s Premium Referral Program

As part of AdMaven’s commitment to our publishers, we are constantly developing and improving new monetization models and possibilities. Thanks to these efforts we now offer AdMaven’s premium referral program. With the referral ecosystem already making huge amounts of money for people around the globe, we want to offer our partners and future partners this opportunity as well, […]

admaven summer bonus for advertisers
AdMaven’s Summer Bonus Time!

The summer is already here, and what’s a better way to welcome it than an EXTRA bonus? This month is all about Pop traffic! Special deal for new advertisers on AdMaven’s platform: Spend $750 on pop traffic and get $50 back! Spend $1,300 or more on pop traffic and get 10% back! ($200 cashback max). […]

admaven push notifications chrome updates
AdMaven’s Insights On The Recent Chrome Updates And Their Effects on Push Advertising

While Google Chrome’s recent updates had a strong impact on the online advertising industry, there is one ad model that was significantly affected. As native push notifications became a key component in publishers’ ad income, the latest Chrome updates created a major impact on those important revenues. One key feature, which was presented a few months ago and slowly implemented […]

admaven optimize the perfect push campaign
Get The Missing Piece For The Perfect Push Campaign

Do you know that feeling when you have finally found the one? That one top offer which you just know is going to convert? You choose your creatives, set up a campaign, anxiously awaiting the moment of truth but then… nothing happens.  Most affiliates would probably stop their campaign immediately, ditching the offer and on […]