Posted: 2018-11-15

AdMaven has been a leader in the ad tech industry for the past 20 years, during which, we have accumulated much experience in all aspects of the field and we have developed the best technology. Our publishers receive personal attention and dedicated account managers to assist them through the process of embedding the Push tag on their site. All of the above allows us to offer our publishers many things, among them:

1) Higher rates:We maintain long-term relationships with the biggest Native ad networks in the market, specializing in premium advertisers , which enables them to produces the highest rates today.

2) Quality and targeted advertisements:Our advertisements/notifications are very well targeted and grab the attention of the users.You will be able to accumulate subscribers fast and the traffic will grow day by day.

3) Flexibility and customized solutions:The Admaven’s technology is all in-house, no 3rd party, no outsourcing, so we are able to enforce every level of compliance you need from our end, and without any delays.

4) Payment terms:We are working with Paypal, Payoneer, Bank wire and BTC. Offering our publishers a variety of payment terms, including Net 30, Net 0, BI weekly and more. Push Notifications is an extremely user-friendly ad format.It’s a non-intrusive ad unit which enables you to earn money on each user even long after he left your site.These advantages are what makes the Push Notifications the hottest ad format today and mandatory for each publisher.

The Push is going to Push your revenue – So what are you waiting for?