Posted: 2018-12-09

Today we gonna talk about a subject that every website owner must face. The endless struggle between generating high revenues and maintaining a high level of user experience. Working with thousands of websites, we hear many opinions from different publishers about how they deal with this subject and our team is always happy to help them find the balance.

Over the years, our research team has analyzed websites from all verticals. From news sites, through games, to file sharing and many others. From small 10K monthly visits sites, all the way to websites with +500M monthly visits. This research has given birth to many insights and monetization philosophies we share with our publishers to help them optimize their sites.

Trying to establish a unified solution that will fit every publisher is almost impossible, however, during the last month, we conducted a survey trying to do just that. We asked 120 publishers about their advertising habits and what they have implemented on their websites. All 120 websites are active for at least 4 years and have over 500K monthly visitors.

And now for the results:

On the left column of the table, you can see the number of ad units per page while the rest of the columns are different ad models. (Banners include standard and native banners)

Analyzing the results, you can see that most publishers use a specific combination of ads:

  • One Pop per page.
  • One Native Push per page (as long as the user clicked “allow”/”block” he will not see it again).
  • One In-page Push per page.
  • We can also see that a large number of publishers use 2 banners per page

So click HERE to sign-up today and implement the best combination for your site! *there are also other monetizations such as in-text, vpn & banners, installers etc’ which are in use in smaller percents and were not included in the table.