Posted: 2018-09-13

Continuing with our Top verticals for Push notification. Last time around we went over a few selected ones: Dating, Nutra, Crypto and Sweepstakes. So now get ready for the 2nd edition of AdMaven’s top Verticals. As you must know, there are numerous verticals running on AdMaven’s Push notification traffic. Here’s some more of our top verticals.

• Lotto – You can never go wrong when you offer a user to make money while taking a raffle. Lotto offers have been showing high ROI and CTR% off the charts.

• Casino – The prospect of beating the house has always been a fantasy for most, now you can offer the user to do just that and make money along the way. With the correct creative, the clicks and deposits are going to pour in.

• Sport Bet – All of the major European leagues are back, and sport bets offers are back in the front. Ronaldo and Messi are waiting for you to pick the winning team.

• Forex/Binary – Round up quality leads and start capitalizing on the strongest “make money” offers today. Offer the user the opportunity to make real money.

• Extensions – Try to Run search extensions that change’s the user’s home page to yahoo! or bing. Think of the best suiting creative that would create and engage the users to create a conversion.

• Utility apps for mobile – Whether it’s an app that can help you clean your phone or an Anti-virus, the users are always looking for the next product that would prolong their phone’s life.