Posted: 2019-01-27

This coming week, AdMaven is releasing the latest version of its platform, AdMaven 8.1.1.This new release includes various updates and upgrades designed to benefits both our publishers and advertisers. Among these updates are several key elements:

  1. Optimization engine – We added over 50 new parameters to our AI engine, increasing its optimization accuracy by over 25%, along with new retargeting capabilities.
  2. Publishers’ protection – New features now allow protection at a much higher level, including a filtering system, picture-recognition algorithms, and anti-cloaking, designed to prevent offensive and malicious ads at the highest level.
  3. Advertisers’ protection – Our advertisers’ protection tools were upgraded to include a fraud traffic prevention system and a real-time compliance team trusted to ensure advertisers receive only their requested media channels.
  4. Pop – We are releasing the newest version of our anti-adblock solution, capable to bypass all new ad-block extensions.
  5. Push – We’ve expended our Push notifications capabilities to additional browsers and operating systems.

We are working hard to bring you more new and exciting surprises through 2019. Stay tuned. Go to our sign-up page or contact us to hear more.