Posted: 2018-10-22

Push and Pull advertising has actually been around for centuries, today we are going to share with you some advice from the biggest experts in the field.

First, let’s go over the differences between Push and Pull advertising.

Pull Advertising:

To understand Pull advertising think of a situation when someone searches for a plumber on the Yellow pages and when he reaches the letter “P” the first thing he sees is an ad for a specific plumber. Pull advertising main concept is attracting users who have already shown interest in your product and pulling them to your brand.

Push Advertising:

Think of push advertising as a person handing out flyers on the street for a new restaurant. In this advertising method, the main concept is taking the product to the customer, instead of waiting for the customer to come to you.

Some advice about Push advertising and Push Notification specifically:

1. Need first, Brand second

In contrary to Pull advertising, in Push advertising, you cannot just promote your brand right away. Before you can advertise your brand’s product, you must first create a need for such a product. For instance, you will not send a Push Notification saying “Choose WATERCOMPANY, the best water purifier company”. You first need to get the consumer to want to start using this kind of product. Try a headline saying “Tap water is bad for your health, start using a water purifier”. thus creating in his mind the need for such a product. After he clicks on the ad you can elaborate on your brand and say “WATERCOMPANY was chosen as the best water purifying company in 2018”.

2. Attention

With Pull advertising, the consumer is already searching for your product and he is more attentive to details. Therefore, he will read all of your text, even if it’s longer than average or even a boring text.

On the other hand, with Push advertising, since the user is not looking for anything at the moment and just casually using his computer, in order to get his attention you have to be more creative. Put a tantalizing image that would excite the user alongside with a text that would make him eager to click your ad.

3. Targeting

In many cases in Push advertising, it’s not possible to target your specific audience. It is possible in specific cases. For example, placing a billboard with an ad for a senior citizens’ cruise right outside a retirement home.

With Push Notifications, in cases where you can’t narrow your audience, your best option is to promote the products that are relevant to a large percent of the population. For instance, there is a certain type of offers, such as “Win an iPhone” that appeal to a larger percent of the population and will get you a high ROI.

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