Posted: 2019-03-10

Content-Blocking is the biggest new trend in Push Monetization. March 2019 is definitely going to be the Content-Blocking month, with many publishers started to test and implement this great monetization.
AdMaven offers different methods for the Content-Blocking Push and assists different publishers to implement the right solution for their site but there are 3 main models that are most popular:

  1. Full Block – Publishers who want to be strict and share their content only with loyal users can place a Content-Blocking Push on all their content allowing access to it only to users who click “allow” on their push.
  2. 20-second Block – Publishers who are a little less strict but still want to share their content quickly only with loyal users, can implement a Content-Blocking Push that will present a 20-second window before the user reach the content. Users who allow the push will receive the content without any delays.
  3. Interstitial Push – Similar to the 20-second Block, the interstitial page will be presented only to users who didn’t allow push notifications from the site.

Most websites are using one of the above versions, however, we give a tailor-made solution to each publisher based on his special needs, contact our account managers today to get yours.