Posted: 2018-11-29

The last quarter of 2018 has started and now is exactly the time to start looking back at the changes that impacted online advertising in the past year. We can say with confidence that the biggest trend in 2018 was the introduction of the Push Notifications ad format. publishers that have implemented it, have already reported a game-changing revenue increase. In the last few months, websites from all verticals, from top news sites, through file-sharing, streaming and gaming sites, and all the way to Google and Youtube, everyone is hopping on the Push Notifications train. In times like these, when Google Adblock target websites directly and cuts their revenue by up to 50%, this ad format is crucial than ever. AdMaven already has over 10,000 publishers who use Push Notifications regularly, a very fair and representative sample. We can see the change in our publishers this year in a clear and loud voice and therefore determine Push Notifications ad format is by far the hottest trend of 2018. Join YouTube, CNN, Forbes, and many many others and add Push Notifications to your site today – Sign-up HERE!