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Posted: 2021-06-07
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In this post, we’ll try and give you some ideas on how to best monetize sporting events as affiliates.

Timing is everything

First, a simple rule sometimes missed by affiliates: don’t forget to set your campaigns to run on the days and hours of the events. It’s recommended to start running the campaigns at least three hours before the actual sporing event, because users will be looking for the live streaming channels in advance.

The bigger the event, the bigger the traffic and the better it converts if played right. Adjust your campaign to be global or geo-oriented, according to the match and phase of a tournament. International sporting events usually draw the attention of people all over the world, but it also depends on the schedule. If a game is played when people on one side of the world are asleep, then you won’t get traffic from that area. Timing is everything, so watch the clock and make smart choices.

Cool Timeline

FIFA Club World Cup – Japan
UEFA Nations League – Italy
Archery – 1/8 Eliminations Results
Basketball 3×3 Session 4
Football – New Zealand vs United States
Football – Netherlands vs Brazil
Football – Japan vs Great Britain
Basketball 3×3 Session 3
Football – Sweden vs Australia
Football – China vs Zambia
Football – Chile vs Canada
Archery – Bronze Medal Match Results
Archery – Quarterfinal Results
Basketball 3×3 Session 2
Basketball 3×3 Session 1
Handball – Norway vs Brazil
Archery – Ranking Round Results
Shooting – 10m Air Pistol Men’s Pre-Event Training
Equestrian – Dressage 1st Horse Inspection
Archery – Ranking Round Results
Shooting – 10m Air Rifle Women’s Pre-Event Training
Football – Brazil vs Germany
Football – Honduras vs Romania
Football – Japan vs South Africa
Football – Argentina vs Australia
Football – Côte d’Ivoire vs Saudi Arabia
Football – New Zealand vs Republic of Korea
Football – Mexico vs France
Football – Egypt vs Spain
Baseball/Softball – Italy vs Australia
Shooting – 10m Air Rifle Men’s Official Training
Shooting – 10m Air Rifle Women’s Official Training
Baseball/Softball – Mexico vs Japan
Shooting – 10m Air Pistol Women’s Official Training
Baseball/Softball – United States vs Canada
Shooting – 10m Air Pistol Men’s Official Training
Football – Australia vs New Zealand
Football – Zambia vs Netherlands
Football – Japan vs Canada
Football – Sweden – United States
Football – China vs Brazil
Football – Great Britain vs Chile
Baseball/Softball – Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium
Baseball/Softball – Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium
Baseball/Softball – Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium
Italy – England
Winner QF4 – Winner QF3
Winner QF2 – Winner QF1
Winner R16 match 8 – Winner R16 match 7
Winner R16 match 3 – Winner R16 match 1
Winner R16 match 4 – Winner R16 match 2
Winner R16 match 6 – Winner R16 match 5
1st in Group E – 3rd in Groups A/B/C or D
1st in Group D – 2nd in Group F
1st in Group F – 3rd in Groups A/B or C
2nd in Group D – 2nd in Group E
1st in Group B – 3rd in Groups A/D/E or F
1st in Group C – 1st in Group C
1st in Group A – 2nd in Group C
2nd in Group A – 2nd in Group B
Germany – Hungary
Portugal – France
Sweden – Poland
Slovakia – Spain
Czech Republic – England
Croatia – Scotland
Finland – Belgium
Russia – Denmark
Ukraine – Austria
North Macedonia – Netherlands
Italy – Wales
Switzerland – Turkey
Spain – Poland
Portugal – Germany
Hungary – France
England – Scotland
Croatia – Czech Republic
Sweden – Slovakia
Netherlands – Austria
Denmark – Belgium
Ukraine – North Macedonia
Italy – Switzerland
Turkey – Wales
Finland – Russia
France – Germany
Hungray – Portugal
Spain – Sweden
Poland – Slovakia
Scotland – Czech Republic
Netherlands – Ukraine
Austria – North Macedonia
England – Croatia
Belgium – Russia
Wales – Swizerland
Turkey – Itay

this is a story!

Denmark – Finland

Use the right offer

While many offers might convert and show an increased performance, there are some offer verticals that stands above all.

Our experience shows that VPN and Proxy apps and subscription (either mobile or desktop) work great as well as VOD offers, sports bet offers, dating and even casino.


Pick the correct ad formats

Push ads and in-page push are the number one formats for monetizing sports events traffic.

They blend perfectly with the websites users are watching matches on, and appear exactly on the right tune.

New tab pops will also perform well as they grab the user’s attention.

It’s important that you test those formats on small sporting events, to see how they perform for you, so when the huge events come, you’ll be ready for them.

in-page push

Creative, creative, creative

While many run similar offers of the same verticals, there are some affiliates that have the entire flow in place.

Try and adjust your offer creatives, landings and pre-landings to match the event and be even more specific and adjust them per match. This can increase results by 50%

creative live video

Buy the suitable traffic SubID

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