Pushing Boundaries: A Case Study on the Power of Push Tag

Posted: 2023-05-22

Today we have an exciting case study for you, one that demonstrates the power and potential of Push Tag, an innovative advertising tool that’s revolutionizing monetization for advertisers, publishers and affiliates. This dynamic tool, added to pre-landing pages, takes the power of push notifications to the next level, showing impressive results in driving up revenue. 

As you’ll see in the post, the study was a resounding success. Stick around as we unpack the details of this study and explore how Push Tag could reshape your advertising strategy and significantly boost your bottom line. 

Push Tag Case Study

We approached one of our advertisers and offered to add Push Tag to run alongside his original offer – an Android utility app for Android users, that’s targeting tier 1 countries.

The advertiser was running a campaign to promote the app via AdMaven’s direct traffic sources.

These are the characteristics of the offer:

  • Offer: Utility app
  • GEO (Countries): USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia
  • OS: Mobile, Android
  • Browsers: Chrome
  • Conversion type: CPI – Install
  • Traffic type: POP under 

Push tag pricing model:  (AdMaven side) – CPS – subscription  

In an effort to increase the app’s visibility, our partner directed user traffic towards a pre-landing page, which then led to Google Play. In order to increase monetization, they integrated our Push Tag into this pre-landing page: 

* The pre-lander looks the same for all target countries, since the native language in all of them is English.

Implementation details

Our partner decided to go with the default settings, and the user’s flow looked like this.

*At this point, the user starts to receive push notification ads (there’s also an option for delayed notifications – ask our account manager for more details)

The test ran for a week on each occasion, once with the push and once without it.

After the initial tests, our partner saw a slight decrease in CR for their campaign – around 2%. However, the profit from push subscriptions balanced it out and fully compensated for this slight decrease.

Here are the statistics comparing the utility offer with and without the push tag set:

As the data shows, implementing the Push Tag as an additional revenue generation strategy might slightly affect the CTR of your primary funnel, potentially causing a small 1%-2% decrease.

Push Tag Results

These are the results from the Push Tag panel. First and foremost, the additional income, generated by the push alone, was $1,930 – requiring zero effort from the advertiser. The total revenue generated by the push alone is over 25% than the push and the offer combined. The Opt-in conversion rate is relatively low since it involves a tier-1 country audience, which typically has lower conversion rates. However, the payout is higher than expected for tier-1 countries.

In conclusion, Push Tag, can help you increase your earnings by up to 30%, offset your traffic-related costs and earn more when the CPA from the original offer is low.

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