Push Tag: Your Secret Weapon to a 30% Revenue Increase

Posted: 2023-05-10

In the dynamic digital world, affiliates and webmasters are always looking for new ways to easily increase their revenue stream without investing in buying more traffic. Don’t think it’s possible? Think again! AdMaven offers a smart and effective method for implementing push notifications that offer an additional revenue stream with the same targeting.

This tool, Push Tag, can help you increase your earnings by up to 30%, and with very little work – all you need to do is set our script on the pre-landing pages of any other offer you’re currently running and start collecting push subscriptions. Implementing our push notifications script on your preliminary landing page can serve as an effective strategy to offset your traffic-related costs and earn more when the CPA from the original offer is low. This tool is also a great way for covering A/B testing expenses.

Affiliated marketing isn’t easy, since it’s a saturated market. We know you’re working hard to create a good revenue stream, and we are here to help you out.

How does Push Tag work?

Here’s how it works: users who visit your pre-landing page will see a dialog box, asking the user to opt-in for notifications from your website. This is a single opt-in offer, which means the user doesn’t need to confirm it any further – all they have to do is click “ALLOW”, and that’s it – they are subscribed. Since the process only requires one step, users are more likely to complete it. Single opt-in skips the need for extra steps to confirm notifications. One click, and they’re in.

The users won’t be redirected anywhere and can continue exploring your page and offers. However, while they are still doing that (and even after they leave), you’ll start receiving additional income.

We’ve checked dozens of campaigns from a myriad of verticals, and although there might be a tiny drop in the original offer conversion rate (no more than 1%-2%), the income from the push notification tool far exceeds the drop. Eventually, this leads to a higher revenue.

Any vertical can be used to monetize Push Tag: Finance, Sweepstakes, Dating, E-commerce, Utilities and many others.

This powerful tool enables push ads to be displayed to users regardless of the website they’re currently visiting, ensuring that advertisers can consistently reach their target audience. What’s more, the notification tool continues to work even when the browser is closed. This means users can still receive push ads, keeping them engaged and up-to-date with relevant offers and promotions, while generating a steady stream of revenue.

The tool’s flexibility ensures maximum reach and visibility for advertisers, ultimately leading to higher profits and better campaign performance. The ads themselves are not connected to the domain where the user was collected.

Payment Model

We offer two different payment models:

Revenue Share: earn according to the engagement of the subscribed user base with push notification ads.

Cost per subscriber (CPS): earn according to each unique user who subscribes to push notifications, based on a fixed rate card.

Ready to earn easy money?

  1. Sign-in and create a new account as a media-buyer/affiliate.
  2. Upload your pre-landers to our platform and send them to moderation.
  3. Implement our push notification script and tag on your pre-lander page and start collecting users (and earning money!).

Sign up today and maximize your site’s earning potential!

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