Posted: 2019-07-18

Whether you’ve attended the conference or not, we gathered for you the hottest topics everyone talked about in Barcelona last week,

and every publisher and Advertiser must know about.


Without a doubt, after it has been around for years, this year the subscription has risen to new heights.

From apps in Ios and Android to e-commerce products.

From subscription to Nutra pills, all the way to a monthly subscription to bath and beauty products sent to the customer’s home,

this is defiantly turning into the golden year of subscriptions.

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The Push is still both the most dominant CPA offer on the market as well as the biggest traffic source available today.

Although a lot of traffic goes to many different verticals such as extensions, downloads, crypto, dating, and gambling,

currently, most of this traffic goes to CPA Push offers where users register to a push newsletter which gives them the ability to receive both news and ads in push form.

Many affiliates are focusing solely on Push offers, whether as an offer or as a promotion method, and many are reporting up to a six figures income from this method.

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  1. Crypto:

First, it is worth mentioning that a lot of black hat traffic goes to this kind of offers.

Also, this industry, which contained many Forex and Binary options companies, had and still have many strict regulations,

which led to the disappearance of many many companies. However, the ones which operated according to the law, which applied strict regulations,

are seeing now a massive growth, which is also gaining momentum in the last month due to the rise in Bitcoin value which puts the focus back on this market.

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  1. Branded Products:

We can see more and more companies that have finally realized that in order to succeed in the long run,

they can’t “abuse” customers and just sell some knockoff products through AliExpress.

They have to invest heavily in building a unique product.

They have to take the time to create quality branding for the products that they sell so the company will be represented correctly.

Many companies have learned working that way bring them great success,

increasing their conversions, their sales, their revenues, and some also find specific niches they couldn’t penetrate in the past.

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