AdMaven’s Premium Referral Program

Posted: 2020-07-20

As part of AdMaven’s commitment to our publishers, we are constantly developing and improving new monetization models and possibilities. Thanks to these efforts we now offer AdMaven’s premium referral program.

With the referral ecosystem already making huge amounts of money for people around the globe, we want to offer our partners and future partners this opportunity as well, offering them an additional revenue stream, with minimum effort on their part.

AdMaven’s premium referral program is a win-win opportunity for publishers. One key advantage is that it helps you to diversify your income stream. By referring other publishers, you earn a percentage of their revenue without any extra work – it’s a true passive income.

Sharing your referral link is a simple process that can be done through various channels. Traditional methods, like embedding the link in blog posts or emails, are very effective. Social media also presents a powerful platform: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Telegram and any other channel you can think of – just share your link and get the referrals rolling. Remember that the most authentic referrals come from genuine recommendations, so share the link with publishers who would truly benefit from AdMaven’s offerings.

Getting Started with the Referral Program

  1. Log in to your AdMaven panel, click on the referral section, and agree to the terms & conditions.
  2. Generate your unique referral link and invite your friends that are currently NOT working with us to join AdMaven’s network.
  3. Once they sign up using your link, you will earn 5% of any future revenue they may generate. Yes, this is a lifetime commission! As long as your friend is working with AdMaven and generating profit, you will receive a monthly referral commission.

You can also contact AdMaven’s team and get your own personal referral¬†link. Our account managers will assist you in deciding where and how to share your link, whether it’s in a Facebook post, an email signature, a banner on your site, or just sending it to a friend.

We offer a wide variety of banners in different sizes that will fit your needs and your website in just the right way.

Register HERE to our platform and contact us.