AdMaven’s Insights On The Recent Chrome Updates And Their Effects on Push Advertising

While Google Chrome’s recent updates had a strong impact on the online advertising industry, there is one ad model that was significantly affected. As native push notifications became a key component in publishers’ ad income, the latest Chrome updates created a major impact on those important revenues.

One key feature, which was presented a few months ago and slowly implemented by Google over the past few months, specifically targeted push notifications and should get the attention of all publishers. (

Started gradually from February, Google launched new updates in their Chrome browser version regarding the push notification usage and activity. Those limit the publisher to show the push notification offer. Those limitations have impacted the users’ ability to register, therefore reducing the performance percentage and revenue from the native push notifications advertising.

In order for our publishers to maintain their high revenue and push performance, we here at AdMaven have developed the optimal solution:  

The additional push model – this feature is available for all publishers

 What is the additional push feature?

The additional push feature will work in case the standard push does not appear, for example, the user closes the original push offer or if google chrome blocks the push offer due to the new updates.

 How does it work?

When the user clicks the “Allow” button it will open a new small box with a standard push registration, the user will click it and register to our inhouse domain, creating a 2-click push registration instead of the standard 1-click process.

This 2 click push is also available for publishers who wish not to place the 1-click push for any reason as a first push offer for users.

 Is the new push feature suitable for HTTP domain owners?

The 2-click push can work on every domain including HTTP domains as well, so every publisher can benefit and profit from this model.

To hear more about this solution and learn how you maintain and maximize your push notification income starting today – click HERE

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Many of you have been asking about the impact of Google Chrome 80, in particular around changes on push notifications. The latest Chrome version introduced quieter notification permission UI across mobile and desktop.

What does this mean?

  • Users who repeatedly deny notifications across websites will be automatically enrolled in the quieter notifications UI.
  • Sites with very low acceptance rates will be automatically enrolled in quieter prompts. They will be automatically unenrolled once the user experience is improved.

What does it look like?

admaven chrome 80 push notifications

What can I do?

✔ Remember that push notifications are alive and kicking! They’re still a very efficient format and the decrease in opt-in subscriptions isn’t significant for now… so don’t underestimate how effective they will be in the near future.

✔ Learn more about our Floating Push, our latest format which provides an amazing alternative for advertisers. These in-page ‘push-like’ ads work across any device & browser and bring unprecedented ROI for Advertisers. Learn more.

✔ Speak with an AdMaven account manager today to learn more about the implications of this update on your site’s monetization. Get in touch.