Top 5 Secrets of Great Affiliate Marketers

Posted: 2023-08-22

Affiliate marketing has evolved into a major player in the digital marketing world. Today, it offers a lot of ways to make money online. To be really successful in it, you need to know more than just the basics; you need to know the operating secrets that the best in the business use. Ready to learn from the best affiliate marketers? Here’s how they do it:

They Understand Their Audience and the Competition

The heart of affiliate marketing isn’t products, links, or even strategies. It’s the people. The very essence of successful affiliate marketing is understanding who your audience is, what they need and want, and how they operate. Understanding your audience enables you to build great landing pages, in order to convert well.

Successful affiliates don’t just scratch the surface. They dive deep, creating a real connection with their audience. They interact with their audience through comments, emails, and social media. By doing so, they can address real pain points, rather than just pushing products. For example, Telegram is a great tool for affiliate marketing, since it enables you to easily communicate with your followers. 

Real affiliate marketing experts segment their audience based on factors like behavior, demographics, and buying intent. This way, they can tailor their approach, ensuring they’re always hitting the mark.

Great affiliates also learn from others. Before you start a campaign, check out the competition, and see what they do. Get ideas and inspiration via tools like AdSpy and AdPlexity, which enables you to see creatives from different advertisers and on different platforms. 

They Know the Numbers

It’s not just about finding good affiliate offers and throwing links around. Good affiliates know how to crunch numbers and find the best payouts and conversions. It’s a well known rule, that the higher the payout for a sale, the harder it is to convert. So, it’s better to find offers with higher conversion rates and not necessarily pick the offer that pays the most per conversion. 

Let’s say you’re promoting a casino. When a user makes a deposit, you receive $80. Compare that to a different offer – downloading an app, for which you receive $0.8. Which one will be more profitable in the long run? It’s probably going to be the app offer, since the user isn’t required to “buy” anything, just download. So, the casino offer may get you 1-2 conversions per week ($80-$160), but for the app you can more easily get 100 downloads per day. 

Always do the math – that’s what the pros do.

Content isn’t just the king – it’s the Entire Kingdom

The best affiliate marketers create large amounts of content, but we all know it’s not enough. Producing value is the real key here.

Successful affiliates know how to review products, for example. They don’t just list product features or copy texts from catalogs. They share personal experiences, benefits, drawbacks, and even offer alternatives. It’s not about making a quick sale but helping readers to make informed decisions. They create real value and real trust – and people are more willing to click on the links and buy according to their recommendations.

It’s important to stay tuned to hot trends and promote what’s on demand. But you also need to invest in long-term content. Seasoned affiliates focus on creating content that remains relevant over time. This could be how-to guides, tutorials, or deep dives into a topic. Such content ensures a steady flow of traffic and conversions, long after its initial publish date.

They Never Rest and They Always Test

Those who excel in affiliate marketing are always on the move. There’s always new technologies and tools (like content lockers), new products you can promote and so on. The digital landscape is constantly changing. Whether it’s new social media platforms, changes in consumer behavior, or shifts in affiliate program terms. The best in the business know how to adapt quickly and they never miss a beat.

Great affiliates also learn all the time. They invest time in courses, webinars, and conferences. By constantly upskilling, they ensure they’re not left behind.

Experimenting and being bold are also great traits of affiliate marketers. Whether it’s trying out a new content format, giving video reviews a shot, or exploring a novel marketing channel, successful affiliates aren’t afraid to try new stuff. They understand that not everything they try will be successful, but each attempt generates lessons and experience.

Testing and trying is also an important virtue. While running a campaign, trying out different landing pages, with different designs and copy, is always a good idea, since it enables you to discover which page is more effective and change your focus accordingly.

Diversification is Their Path to Stability

When talking about investments, we often hear the saying: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” This principle is also true for those who are great at affiliate marketing. They understand the inherent risks of depending heavily on one affiliate program or platform. So, they diversify. But how?

Multiple Affiliate Programs: Relying on a single affiliate program can be  dangerous. Changes in commission rates, discontinued products, or stricter terms can instantly affect earnings. By diversifying, they spread this risk. Promoting a mix of products from varied programs ensures that even if one revenue stream dries up, others can compensate. Did you know that AdMaven offers a great and easy affiliate program? Add us to your portfolio!

Multiple ad campaigns: Good affiliates how to build great landing pages, but also how to run an effective ad campaign for those pages. One of their keys for success, is relying on multiple ad networks and several ad formats (banners, pop ads, search ads), so they can reach different audiences in different ways, and they never miss a beat!

Diverse Platforms: A blog might be their primary channel, but good affiliate marketers know it’s not enough. A lot of people prefer video content. Some use social media and seek product recommendations there. 

Don’t rely just on your website. Try and spread out to other venues. For example – YouTube and TikTok are great for creating video content like reviews, unboxings, or tutorials. This platform allows you to tap into a vast audience that prefers visual information. Don’t forget Instagram reels, either.

Telegram is also a wonderful, rising platform for affiliate marketing. We wrote a whole guide about it – check it out.

Podcasts: With the increasing popularity of podcasts, many affiliates are now trying this audio format. It’s a chance to offer in-depth insights, interviews, or reviews to an audience on the go.

Platforms evolve. Algorithm changes can affect visibility. By diversifying across various platforms, you can ensure that a setback on one doesn’t translate to a total breakdown.

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