The problems with Ad Blockers – and our Solution

Posted: 2022-12-07

Ad blocking browser add-ons, which are designed to block online ads, have become increasingly popular in recent years. Almost 43% of users all over the world have some sort of ad blocking extension on their browser. In India and Indonesia, ad block usage is particularly high – around 50%-60%. Users of ad blocking solutions say they feel there are too many ads on the internet. While ad blockers may seem like a convenient way for users to avoid annoying and disruptive ads, they actually have negative consequences for both digital marketing and small businesses.

AdBlock hurts digital marketing by reducing the effectiveness of online ad campaigns. When ads are blocked, businesses are unable to reach their target audience and generate clicks, likes, and shares. This can make it difficult for advertisers to promote their products and services, and can ultimately lead to reduced sales and revenue.

Furthermore, adblock undermines the business model of many websites, which rely on advertising revenue to survive. When ads are blocked, these websites are unable to generate the income they need to continue operating. This can result in a less diverse and less interesting internet, as the voices of smaller and independent websites are drowned out by larger and more established websites.

In addition, adblock can create a false sense of security for users. While adblock may prevent users from seeing ads, it does not protect them from malware and other online threats such as ransomware. In fact, adblock can actually make users more vulnerable to these threats, as it can prevent users from seeing warning messages and alerts that are displayed in ads.

Are you running a campaign and worried about Ad Blockers? Is your website losing revenue because of adblock? We have a solution!

We offer two simple ways to integrate this solution into your website.

Simple Javascript Anti Adblock code: Can be implemented on any website, however, may require updates from time to time.

Server to Server integration: Adblock tools and easylists are constantly updated. To battle that, this script updates itself according to the latest Adblock list changes – it requires some minor development skills but the outcome is a bulletproof Adblock solution!

Using AdMaven’s Adblock solution is the way to make sure your ads generate the maximum profit possible.

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