How Adblock Is Costing You Money And How Our Solution Can Help

Posted: 2022-01-10

As a website owner, you invested a lot in creating the perfect website, creating the highest quality of content, making sure you offer the best user experience, and much more. To keep your website profitable you monetize your traffic using the best-fit ad solutions.

In the past few years, the number of users using Adblock software to block ads has increased significantly. 27% of users in North America use Adblock daily and this number is growing!

adblock data

It’s a major problem—one that’s only expected to grow as more people use ad blockers in future years. It’s becoming harder to reach all traffic and create maximum revenue with this growing trend.

What is an AdBlock?

Adblock software is implemented and used to avoid ads. It blocks your ads from appearing on users’ devise. Meaning users who have installed AdBlock software on their devices will no longer view your ads. This, of course, will automatically decrease your profit.

Why do you need an AdBlock solution?

To reach full monetization potential, we want to be sure no user is missing the campaign, and even Adblock users are engaged with the ads.
Using our Adblock solution is the way to promise your ads generate the maximum profit possible.

How to implement the AdBlock solution to your website

We offer two simple ways to integrate this solution into your website.

  • The first, Simple Javascript Anti Adblock code –
    Can be implemented on any website, however may require updates from time to time.
  • The second, Server to Server integration –
    Adblock tools and easylists are constantly updated, this script updates itself according to the latest Adblock list changes – it requires some minor development skills but the outcome is a bulletproof Adblock solution!
    We of course will give further assistance if needed.

Once you are done with the implementation chosen be sure to contact our support once done to be sure the solution is running.

Let’s summarize the benefits of using the AdBlock solution
-> Instant revenue increase – You now will reach all users previously lost while using AdBlock software.
-> Easy integration – Two ways to implement this solution using JS code or Server to server methods.
-> Personal Developer assistance – Available to you if needed.
-> Custom-made solutions for special cases – custom solutions are personally created if needed.