WordPress Monetization Plugins: Advertising Made Easy

Posted: 2023-10-03

WordPress stands out as a great choice for publishers aiming to monetize their traffic. As the leading content management system, WordPress has built a reputation for its user-friendly design, adaptability, and functionality. Publishers like this platform not just for its content management capabilities but also for its ease in turning website traffic into a lucrative revenue stream.

It’s not just about putting out great content, but about efficiently leveraging that content to generate revenue. This is where WordPress particularly excels. Even beginners can easily navigate the CMS and bring their monetization visions to life.

One of the best features of WordPress is its huge library of plugins – there are over 59 thousand plugins in the WordPress depository – all free of charge (there are also premium plugins you can pay for, but that’s generally not necessary). This variety ensures that publishers can find the perfect tool tailored to their specific needs, from ad management to affiliate marketing, membership sites, and beyond.

The massive global community supporting WordPress ensures there’s a never-ending stream of updates, new plugin developments, and shared knowledge. This evolving ecosystem helps publishers to always be equipped with the latest tools and best practices to maximize their revenue.

Why Should You Use WordPress Advertising Plugins?

Easy Integration: WordPress plugins are mostly plug-and-play. With just a few clicks, publishers can integrate an advertising plugin and begin their monetization journey. This hassle-free experience eliminates the need for advanced technical knowledge. You don’t need to know any kind of coding in order to install plugins.

Customization & Control: WordPress advertising plugins often come with a lot of customizable settings. Publishers have the flexibility to tailor ads according to their website’s design, audience preferences, and desired user experience. Whether it’s choosing where ads are placed, how frequently they appear, or what kind of ads are shown, the control is in your hands.

Advanced Tracking & Analytics: Understanding your audience’s interaction with ads is crucial. Many WordPress plugins come with built-in analytics tools. These provide important insights into ad performance, CTR, and user engagement, allowing you to tweak your strategy for optimal results.

Monetization Options: There’s a whole world beyond traditional banner ads, as you probably know. WordPress plugins offer a diverse range of monetization options, with different kinds of ads: from native ads and sponsored content slots to affiliate linking and video ads, publishers can choose their preferred and best-performing ad type, and use them quickly and easily.

Important Features of WordPress Monetization Plugins

What should you look for when you choose a WordPress plugin to monetize your website?

Ease of Use: Look for a user-friendly plugin. A good monetization plugin will have an intuitive interface, allowing publishers to navigate, set up, and manage their ads without banging their head against the wall. Simplified settings, clear instructions, and a clean dashboard make the advertising process smoother and more efficient.

Rating: The biggest strength of Open Source software like WordPress is its community. These are the people who use and develop every aspect of the system. When you search the plugins depository, check the ratings and the number of installations. Try to choose a plugin that has at least 4 stars rating, and has been in use for quite some time. Remember to back up your website before installing any new plugin.

Data and Statistics: Knowledge is power, especially in the world of online advertising. A feature-rich monetization plugin will provide comprehensive analytics and data insights. This enables publishers to understand their audience’s behavior, monitor ad performance, and identify what’s working and what’s not. 

Compatibility with Various Ad Platforms: The digital advertising space is vast, with numerous platforms like Google AdSense, AdMaven, and others offering lots of opportunities and ad types. A good plugin should seamlessly integrate with multiple ad platforms, allowing publishers the flexibility to choose and switch between platforms as necessary.

Responsiveness: Users access content from desktops, tablets, smartphones, and even smartwatches, so it’s vital that ads display correctly across all devices.

Ad Scheduling: Timing can be everything in advertising. The ability to schedule ads allows publishers to strategically display promotions based on their audience’s behavior, time zones, or special events. Whether it’s promoting a weekend sale or a fresh movie, ad scheduling ensures that advertisements reach the audience at the best time.

Recommended WordPress Monetization Plugins

AdMaven’s WordPress Plugin

Hey, we’re the most important, right? You can use AdMaven’s WordPress plugin, which helps you embed our code in your website. You can use the plugin to manage your in-page push notifications, pop ads and floaters. Using the plugin means that AdMaven’s script runs on your chosen hosting server, which is better for bypassing ad blockers and helps you create more impressions and revenue.


  • Offers full and easy integration with AdMaven’s Ad Network, including code embedding.
  • Full reports on your earnings.
  • Different methods of website monetization, optimized for best performance, like Pop and Push In-page.
  • AdBlock bypass solution.
  • Full coverage of ads for every country, device and browser.
  • Different payout methods, like PayPal and Payoneer.


AdSanity is like the Swiss Army knife of advertising on WordPress. Whether you’re planning to host your own ads or work with an ad network, AdSanity is equipped to handle it. The plugin has different levels of pricing, starting at $59 per month.

With this plugin, your ads keep changing automatically, letting you invest your energy in creating quality content. Plus, the plugin’s simplicity ensures your website loading speed isn’t affected. Setting it up is easy, even for beginners. However, it has plenty of in-depth features, if you want to get in deeper.

Here are some of its features:

  • You can adjust the size of your ads.
  • Boosting image cache for all ads.
  • Tracking ad performance and integrating with Google Analytics.
  • Detecting ad blockers.
  • Controlling when an ad stops showing based on impression counts.
  • Easy ad placement with shortcodes, tags, or widgets.
  • You can make money by selling ad spaces on your site.
  • Mix and match self-hosted ads with network ads.

Setupad WP Ads

Setupad WP Ads is a plugin designed to give you complete control over your ads. With features that allow for flexible ad placements and the ability to target specific devices, you have the power to decide where and how your ads are displayed.

Want to place an ad before a post, between paragraphs, or even in the comments? No problem, Setupad WP Ads can do it. It supports all screen sizes, which is an important feature.

Your website’s speed won’t be compromised, thanks to the lazy-load ad feature. It also has user-friendly tracking and analytics options.

You can align your ads perfectly and even use custom CSS to get just the right look. You can even add a related post section, header, and footer scripts to enhance user experience.

Setupad WP Ads Features:

  • It can handle various ad types.
  • Custom CSS options.
  • Related post sections.
  • Provides header and footer script capabilities.
  • Full ad alignment and customization.
  • Comes with ads.txt management.
  • Flexible ad placement
  • Targeting specific devices is easy
  • Lazy Load for speedy performance

AdRotate Banner Manager

You can manage your ads effortlessly with AdRotate Banner Manager. Whether it’s Adsense, Media.net Ads, Amazon Associate tags, custom banners, or those from local businesses and sponsors, AdRotate Banner Manager allows streamlined ad management for both WordPress and ClassicPress websites. Over 50,000 website owners use this plugin for their ad needs.


  • Compatible with all types of ads such as self-hosted ads, Adsense, Amazon promotions, any affiliate advertising, and media.net ads.
  • Unlimited ad creation.
  • Includes an ad block and group block for the WordPress block editor.
  • Features widgets suitable for conventional themes.
  • Enhanced error detection for individual ads.
  • Error verification for ad groups.
  • Monitor clicks and views for numerous ads.
  • View ad previews while modifying them.
  • Good support forums.

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