Website monetization ideas for 2023

Posted: 2023-02-21

You work hard on your website, and you want to earn money from this hard work. Website monetization has many forms and there are great ways for you to earn cash from running a successful blog or content website.

What you really need is a definitive yet practical guide to follow. This article will show you how to monetize your website and earn money, regardless of your traffic level. Some methods yield immediate results, while others require a little patience. You may need to practice a bit of trial and error in order to find the best monetization techniques for you – but these are all proven ways that can help you earn money from content and traffic. Here are some great website monetization ideas for 2023:

Sell ad space to advertisers

Businesses that want to post advertisements on your website can buy ad space from you. This approach takes a lot of time, because you have to pitch the advertisers and persuade them that buying ad space on your website is worthwhile. It does, however, increase the amount of money you can earn from your website.

You can offer a popup, a banner at the top or side of your website, or links at the bottom of the page. You’ll need to create a pricing structure and persuade advertisers that paying your demanded amount is worthwhile.

Monetize your website with Ad Networks

Not liking the idea of selling ad space all by yourself? This is where ad networks like AdMaven come in and do the work for you!

It’s easy to monetize your website with an ad network. Even if you’re a small blogger, an ad network makes it easy to earn money with your website by providing a platform for advertisers to bid on ad space on your site. All you have to do is sign up for an account and add some code to your site to display the ads. It’s easy, quick and you can start making money right away.

Ad networks also offer a variety of ads and other monetizing tools, so you can experiment and decide which ones work the best for you and your audience.

Publish articles for other businesses

There are a lot of other website owners and small businesses that would love to publish an article on your website and pay for it. Why? The main reason is link-building for SEO. In order to rank better in Google, a website needs incoming links from good, relevant websites. Sometimes this happens naturally, but in most cases, the website owner needs to actively search for other websites that are willing to publish articles with relevant links. For example, if a website is looking to rank higher in search results for “birthday cakes”, they can write an interesting article about it and try to get it published in another website, with the relevant words linking to their own site. If you have a good website, you can offer it as a platform for publishing articles, and charge a small sum of money for each article.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest ways to earn money on the internet. You connect to a well known brand (like Amazon) or an affiliate network (which connects you to various brands), and you can earn commissions by promoting a product or service made by these companies. You insert their links in your website and get a commission when people click on it and pay for the product.

While affiliate marketing is a tried and tested way to monetize your website, it’s not the easiest one, because it requires creating a lot of content, and the conversion rate is often very low.

We recommend using affiliate marketing in addition to other monetizing techniques, and not relying on it as the sole income source.


Sometimes the easiest way to make money is to just… ask for it! You can ask your readers to support your content-creation efforts, and send a few dollars your way. If you are generating good content on a regular basis, you may already have avid followers, and some of them will probably be glad to help you out, so you can continue creating quality content for them to consume. You can use payment methods such as PayPal or Stripe.

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