Posted: 2019-06-27

Our new and improved Push Content Blocker is now available for selected publishers.

We can already see that publishers who previously implemented the Native Push and the In-Page Push are reporting over 30% increase in subscriptions.

The product has 2 different modes:

  • Skip mode – The recommended version. Has a “skip” button on the page, which allows the user to continue even without subscribing. This version is much less aggressive and is more compliant and user friendly.
skip mode
  • No-skip mode – This version is more aggressive. It blocks the user from continuing browsing on your specific website until he subscribes. Even though some of the users prefer not to subscribe and leave the site, we’ve seen many publishers using creative ways to use it in different parts of their site that get a high subscription percentage.
no skip mode

The best way to use this product is different for each publisher. In every website there are specific “locations” when the users are most engaged with the content on the site. Identifying these “locations”, whether it’s between articles, before the search results, or elsewhere, and implement it there, will give you a better chance to collect more subscribers.

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