referral program

We are happy to announce that we’re launching our referral program!

How does it work?

  • From September 6th to October 7th, we will enable the possibility to get a unique referral link for each advertiser.
  • If an advertiser signed up using your link from September 6th to October 7th, he is considered a referral.
  • You will get a 7% commission of the spending made by your referrals for 90 days.

Where do I get my referral link?

  • Easy! Click on “Referrals” in your UI and get your unique referral link.

How do I get the money?

  • The commission will be added to your balance automatically after 90 days.

Can I track how much commission I’m supposed to get?

  • Yes! Under “Referrals” you will be to see all the information about new referrals and commissions.


  • Referral links will be available for a limited time only
  • Only new advertisers or, advertisers who didn’t work with us during 2021 will be considered as referrals.
  • Advertisers suspected of abusing the program won’t get their commission, and further actions may be considered.
Feel free to contact us!

AdMaven’s Premium Referral Program

As part of AdMaven’s commitment to our publishers, we are constantly developing and improving new monetization models and possibilities. Thanks to these efforts we now offer AdMaven’s premium referral program.

With the referral ecosystem already making huge amounts of money for people around the globe, we want to offer our partners and future partners this opportunity as well, offering them an additional revenue stream, with minimum effort on their part.

Using our new premium referral program is easy and profitable. All you have to do is place it on your website, share it on your social networks, or simply send it to other publishers and associates you know. Once a publisher registers under your referral link and starts earning – you also earn. Up to 10% of the profits on a monthly basis.

And the best part, your profits from existing ad models will not be affected in any way.

How to get started?  – Simply contact AdMaven’s team and get your own personal referral link. Our account managers will assist you in deciding where and how to share your link, whether it’s in a Facebook post, an email signature, a banner on your site, or just sending it to a friend.

We offer a wide variety of banners in different sizes that will fit your needs and your website in just the right way.

The easiest way to join our referral program is by simply sending us an email and cc’ing the publisher you would like to add – once we confirm everything is valid, his website will be connected to your referral account.

We invite you to register HERE to our platform and contact us. Reach out to your account manager and ask for the premium referral link.