Everything You Need To Know About The Impact Of Coronavirus On The Advertising Industry

To keep you informed and up to date with the latest online advertising industry shifts and updates, this week we have compiled a comprehensive list of articles that report, explain, and predict how the current crisis is impacting our industry.

While it seems like there’ll be a drop in advertising budgets, people are predicted to stream a lot more content while staying home – and there has been a huge surge in delivery app downloads and other mediums such as podcasts which are experiencing a boom.

Deadline: Streaming at home may rise 60% based on previous crises

Search Engine Land: Coronavirus disrupts search, digital ad budgets

The Drum: How is coronavirus affecting the global advertising industry?

Digiday: In the age of coronavirus, publishers see a podcast mini boom

WWD: Coronavirus expected to hit global ad spending

Marketing Land: Coronavirus and eCommerce: it’s complicated

MarTech Today: Coronavirus creating uncertainty for digital marketing ecosystem

TechCrunch: Grocery delivery apps see record downloads amid coronavirus outbreak

Digiday: Coronavirus climbs up keyword block list, squeezing news publishers’ programmatic revenues

WARK: Publishers report sudden fall in advertising as coronavirus crisis deepens

If you have any questions or need advice to find new solutions to adjust your campaigns, get in touch with an AdMaven account manager to explore the possibilities.

Subscription-Based Content: AdMaven Insights On Forbes

Cyber, VPN, utilities, cleaners – what do these apps have in common?

Growth of subscription-based apps is BOOMING and they are fast becoming one of our top verticals for advertisers.

Using AdMaven insights, plus new research findings, Forbes explores the growing trend of subscription-based revenue, and the key factors changing how media is consumed – plus what it means for publishers and advertisers.

 [Read full article in Forbes]

Are you promoting subscription-based apps? Get in touch and put our traffic to the test! We see this type of offer working best with pop traffic and can also bring great ROI with our push and floating push traffic.

Publishers transitioning to subscription-base models

With an increasing number of publishers moving to subscription-based, premium or freemium – is an ad-supported model enough for a publisher to thrive in 2020?

At AdMaven, we are also developing solutions for publishers that offer monetization tools including pop, push, and floater formats that support a transition to a subscription-based model – as well as for hybrid models that rely on both subscriber and advertising revenue.

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Many of you have been asking about the impact of Google Chrome 80, in particular around changes on push notifications. The latest Chrome version introduced quieter notification permission UI across mobile and desktop.

What does this mean?

  • Users who repeatedly deny notifications across websites will be automatically enrolled in the quieter notifications UI.
  • Sites with very low acceptance rates will be automatically enrolled in quieter prompts. They will be automatically unenrolled once the user experience is improved.

What does it look like?

admaven chrome 80 push notifications

What can I do?

✔ Remember that push notifications are alive and kicking! They’re still a very efficient format and the decrease in opt-in subscriptions isn’t significant for now… so don’t underestimate how effective they will be in the near future.

✔ Learn more about our Floating Push, our latest format which provides an amazing alternative for advertisers. These in-page ‘push-like’ ads work across any device & browser and bring unprecedented ROI for Advertisers. Learn more.

✔ Speak with an AdMaven account manager today to learn more about the implications of this update on your site’s monetization. Get in touch.

AdMaven’s Highlights from Affiliate Summit West 2020

Affiliate Summit West 2020 took place last week at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, and it was an amazing opportunity for us to meet with so many of you.

Whether you were able to attend or not, here are some key highlights from the event:

  1. Chrome 80 release
    There’s a lot of talk around the latest Chrome version with the introduction of a quieter notification permission UI. Google will automatically enable Chrome’s quiet notification UI under two conditions. Firstly, users who repeatedly deny notifications across websites will be automatically enrolled in the quieter notifications UI. Secondly, sites with very low acceptance rates will be automatically enrolled in quieter prompts. They will be automatically unenrolled once the user experience is improved. Google is encouraging publishers and developers to read their best practices. Read more.
  2. AdMAven’s New Ad Solutions
    The summit was a fantastic opportunity to unveil AdMaven’s latest additions to our product suite, including our brand new Native Floater Ads (in-page push), which fully integrate into the user experience and bring unprecedented eCPM for publishers and ROI for advertisers. In addition, two new formats were shown for the first time at the event and we already have early BETA users enjoying them (get in touch to find out more if you’d like to find out more!)
  3. Subscription on the rise as a revenue model
    While Apple recently changed App Store rules around subscriptions, this revenue model is still growing and becoming increasingly important to app developers and publishers. Subscriptions are now the primary way many non-gaming apps generate revenue. 97% of consumer spending in the top 250 U.S. iOS apps was driven by subscriptions, and 94% of the apps used subscriptions. On Google Play, 91% of the consumer spending was subscription-based, while 79% of the top 250 apps used subscriptions.
  4. Building so many friendships
    Last (but not least!), a highlight for all of us at AdMaven was the ability to meet with so many colleagues, clients, and industry peers. This conference for us was a fantastic way to connect and build amazing relationships with so many of you – whether it was in AdMaven’s booth, at one of the dinners we hosted, or at our party at Hakassan Nightclub. We are excited to continue working and innovating together beyond the event.

We are already looking forward to 2021!

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AdMaven’s self-serve platform enables advertisers to create campaigns and get access to AdMaven’s entire inventory across multiple formats.

Our publishers get access to optimization tools that provide them with amazing eCPM and high revenue while maintaining a great experience.

  • Push Notifications: clickable ads to connect with users that subscribed for updates.
  • (NEW!) Native Floater: in-page ‘push-like’ ads that work across any device browser.
  • New Tab (pop): full-page adverts in a new window, triggered by a click.
  • Interstitials: displayed at natural transition points in the flow on your site or app

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Introducing Native Floater Ads: engaging users while they browse their favorite site through a native-like experience.

We’re excited to introduce a brand new advertising format that is set to become a game-changer for advertisers and publishers. Native Floater Ads (or “in-page push”), fully integrate into the user experience while they browse – creating an effective solution which is easy to implement, giving creative flexibility to run campaigns that bring unprecedented eCPM for publishers and ROI for advertisers.

How does it work?

Native Floater Ads look and feel familiar to users. Visually, they are similar to a push notification or a native ad on a website, they appear directly on the publisher’s site while the user is browsing. This means that there’s no need for opt-in or subscription to display these messages, which work across all platforms and browsers (including iOS). What’s more, the format can be controlled to change the size, content, and screen placement, making it one of our most dynamic and flexible formats.

What does it look like?

Key Benefits For Publishers:

  1. Easy to implement: works across all browsers and platforms.
  2. Creative Flexibility: customize the size of the creative, its location, and the direction it appears into the screen to ensure a user-friendly native feel
  3. Content Control: publishers can choose and control the content and the specific verticals promoted in this format, avoiding categories that don’t suit the audience.
  4. Highest eCPM: this new format is the result of our optimization technology and research. It was created to deliver the highest eCPM in the industry for publishers.
  5. Frequency Cap: messages can be stacked, showing multiple messages on screen simultaneously while giving publishers the option to cap the frequency.
  6. Worldwide Coverage: benefit from our worldwide coverage. Since the format doesn’t rely on OS or opt-ins, you can reach all site visitors in a way that is effective and visually familiar for them to interact with ads.
  7. Compatible with all devices including iOS: since it’s part of the web browsing experience and not dependent on a mobile OS, it is a great way to target iOS users while they browse.

To register and implement the Native Floater on your site click HERE

Key Benefits For Advertisers:

  1. High conversion: the format is extremely friendly and not intrusive for the user. The native feel and familiarity leads to higher CTR, and also high after-click performance.
  2. Widest audience reach: make the most of our enormous global network, with first-hand direct traffic to reach your audience. Works across all browsers and platforms, helping you reach anyone that visits a website – any device, any browser.
  3. ROI: get exceptional ROI by being an early user of this brand-new format before competition and demand for the format increases.
  4. Creative Freedom: customize the size of your creative, design, and text for maximum impact – making the most of a format that connects which triggers engagement through its native feel.
  5. Brand Safety: select and control the sites and verticals in which brands and products are promoted
  6. Anti-fraud: we screen and monitor traffic quality in real-time to ensure you only get clicks from real users.

To register and start promoting your offers on the Native Floater click HERE


If you are already buying a lot of push traffic, there is a huge opportunity to increase your ad revenues with full page advertising formats.

Advertisers need to understand the industry’s changing landscape, in which technological advances, regulations and shifting consumer behavior are opening up opportunities to reach consumers more efficiently. Talk to our account managers to LEARN MORE, or SIGN-UP to start your journey.

If you want to learn more about full-page ads, don’t miss this new article in Forbes.com, which uses insights from AdMaven to explore what’s in store for advertisers – and how to thrive in this changing landscape.

Read the full article in Forbes

Highlights from Affiliate World Asia 2019

Affiliate World is the offline meeting place for the world’s top performance marketers and eCommerce entrepreneurs. Hosted in Bangkok, the conference gives attendees the opportunity to network with the industry’s brightest minds. The event provides a platform for more than 150 affiliate networks, where performance marketing experts discover to find the best offers and the latest products.

At AdMaven, we’re always excited to meet new partners, existing customers, and learn about cutting-edge advertising solutions at Affiliate World. We connected with more than 1500 advertisers and affiliates, and brought home over 600 business cards from industry peers we met over 3 amazing conference days, 5 insightful networking dinners and 6 industry parties. In addition, we got a chance to share upcoming product launches with some of our publishers (stay tuned for more on this!).

This year, the spotlight was on leveraging push notifications, and Facebook’s new Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) feature:

Push Notifications:

Push ads can boost customer engagement by up to 88%. Andrew Payne and Anton Kornev, two well-known push ad veterans, hosted an intensive workshop to embrace push ads fully as they become smarter and more popular. With AdMaven’s edge as the biggest direct publisher of push messages, it was great for us to witness the demand for this format – especially as advertisers want to look for solutions that connect them directly with the most relevant publishers.

Both advertisers and publishers need more information and education to embrace push advertising and use it effectively. An increasing number of verticals are running push messages to advertise financial products, gaming, gambling, dating, eCommerce, content, and all sorts of offers. There is a lot of interest in this format, and competition is fierce to reach customers directly through relevant push messages that have the ability to boost conversions significantly with the right targeting.

Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization:

Trying to simplify things for advertisers, Facebook launched its CBO feature (Campaign Budget Optimization). It is designed to help automatically redistribute budget to the best performing audience. This optimization feature allows companies to dynamically allocate budgets to top-performing ad sets within a campaign. Some recommendations to implement this feature successfully from Zenia Johnson in her recent piece on Marketing Land include:

  1. Keeping the daily budget high enough so that your ad sets can get out of the learning phase within the seven-day optimization window
  2. Group “like” audiences together – this means keeping lookalikes within one campaign, interests within another campaign, etc.

Making the most of automation and setting dynamic rules is crucial for advertisers to thrive. automated rules can check your campaigns, ad sets, and ads, and then update or notify you of any changes. In addition to automatic checks and notifications, the tool is able to take the necessary actions for you. As a hand’s on advertiser, this means that you can create a series of rules to ensure that when you’re not online, your campaigns are still at optimum performance and delivering the right message to the right user. For example, rules can be used to automatically enable/ pause time-sensitive promotions, increase/decrease budgets based on CTR, or even adjusting bids during high-demand times.

See you in 2020!

It was great seeing so many familiar faces and meeting new ones at the event. We’re already looking forward to Affiliate World Europe next July, but before that, we look forward to meeting new publishers and advertisers in Las Vegas next month at Affiliate Summit West (January 27-29).
If you’re an advertiser and would like to learn more about how AdMaven solutions can help you maximize your ROI and reach with high-quality direct traffic solutions, get in touch! We’d love to help.

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