AdMaven Insights on Forbes: Which Publishers & App verticals Are Thriving With Over A Billion People Stuck At Home?

At AdMaven, we’re always looking for ways to explore and share the latest industry trends and insights. This new article on Forbes uses key AdMaven data to showcase some of the verticals which saw a significant uplift over the past few months – with websites and apps where millions of people are spending a huge portion of their time, attention, and money.

The Covid-19 crisis brought many industries to a halt, which has had a domino effect on hundreds of other industries through suppliers and partners. While it is a bleak picture across many sectors, people at home are eager to remain connected, entertained, and joyful. Our collective behavior is changing, and as a result of this, some publishers, apps, and other business verticals are flourishing. For some, it’s because they sell basic products that are necessities that people can purchase conveniently, others as a result of financial uncertainty and others simply because people want to stay entertained while at home.  

Besides the obvious winners such as streaming platforms or news outlets, there are unexpected verticals like fintech or productivity apps that saw a significant spike in demand over the past three months. But not everyone will emerge a winner. In fact, even Google and Facebook are expected to lose an estimated $44 billion worth of ad revenue in 2020 due to coronavirus — in spite of the increases in online engagement.  

Don’t miss this must-read on Forbes, and the interesting AdMaven data within it, which will show you the publishers and apps that are booming right now. 

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Are you making the most of Push Notifications?

Push notifications are one of the most effective publisher tools. They enable you to promote services and target customers even when they’re not on your site. In addition, converting casual users into subscribers will provide you invaluable first-party user data.

With AdMaven, publishers using our top-performing push tools benefit from a range of benefits:

  • Brand Awareness: stay at the top of your visitors’ minds as they browse the web, even when they are on other websites through notifications that link to you.
  • Customized solutions: our in-house technology means we can enforce the strictest level of compliance. In addition, you can adjust the frequency and type of ads shown to subscribers.
  • Quality ads: our notifications are highly targeted notifications are very well targeted and efficient to help you accumulate subscribers fast. 
  • Dedicated Account Manager: including personalized attention to seamlessly embed the push tag on your site.

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How can publishers get ready for Summer 2020?

Publishers across some verticals such as streaming or gaming have seen a huge traffic spike, with opportunities to generate more ad revenue. But… will the traffic bonanza last? 

What can publishers do to keep the winning streak throughout summer 2020?

  • Vacation becomes ‘staycation’: even if confinement restrictions loosen up, people are likely to spend more time at home this summer. After all, not many people are booking trips, flights or cruises. Try to become a part of their ‘staycation’ plans – with content that will help them have a fun time at home.
  • Use the right monetization tools: don’t leave money on the table while your traffic grows. There are new solutions such as AdMaven’s Native Floater which will give you unprecedented eCPM. These ads are multi-browser, multi-device, and multi-platform functional for maximum effectiveness. Plus you’ll be able to choose and control the content and the specific verticals promoted in this format, avoiding categories that don’t suit the audience.

Are you using the right tools to monetize the Covid-19 traffic spike?

Most publishers are experiencing a spike in traffic. Verizon reported that in the last week of March web traffic climbed 20%, which is in line with the traffic growth we have seen through our AdMaven data. With millions of people stuck at home, it’s more important than ever to have the right tools and ad formats in place to ensure this traffic spike doesn’t go to waste when it comes to monetization.

Use these AdMaven’s publisher tools to leverage your growing audience:

  • In-Page & Native Push: making an extra effort for your users to opt-in to push messages will help you target them effectively, even after they leave your site.
  • Pop, Banners & Interstitials: many publishers are upgrading their ad capabilities to capitalize on the traffic growth with high-impact advertising formats.  
  • Native Floaters: our latest monetization weapon, this format will enable you to deliver ‘push-like ads’ without the need for ‘opt-in’ and that work across all browsers & devices.

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New AdMaven Security Features for Advertisers

Last week, we unveiled our advanced security capabilities to help our growing network of advertisers use the self-service platform with confidence and reassurance. You can see the coverage on Business Insider, MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance and Seeking Alpha.

Improved security features include:

  • 24/7 data screening for real-time fraud detection: working with our proprietary fraud detection tool, as well as the best technology partners in the advertising security field enables us to screen all data in real-time.
  • Traffic Quality Control: with our real-time surveillance technology, we report on any traffic showing abnormal behavior. Controlling traffic quality will always be a top priority for AdMaven, giving advertisers real access to the people they target.

Martech Today added: “Monitoring ad budgets is a top priority for many right now, and any money being funneled into fraudulent ad ecosystems is an unnecessary waste. It’s also a real risk to brand safety. Having tools in place to limit ad fraud is a valuable resource for ad networks like AdMaven’s looking to help advertisers across all fronts.

If you have any questions about our new security features, contact your AdMaven account manager.

Time for publishers to build loyalty as web traffic surges

Many publishers are experiencing a bump in traffic driven by so many people staying indoors. With bars, restaurants, theaters, and shops closed across, people turn to their phones and computers looking for entertainment.

What can publishers do to leverage this temporary influx in traffic and build long-term loyalty?

1. Rethink strict paywalls: if your content requires a subscription or is hidden behind a paywall, now might be a good time to broaden your audience and offer trials / freemium for customers that might become subscribers in the future.

2. Think indoors: make sure your output reflects the reality of your audience. With people stuck at home, rethink how you create new content, promotions, or products. Become a useful source and companion.

3. Be memorable and positive: how you behave now will be remembered for a long time. People are exhausted from reading news and worrying about an uncertain future – your help and positivity as a publisher matter!

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Digiday: Publishers face difficult tradeoff in making coronavirus coverage free

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La semana que viene, AdMaven lanzará la última versión de su plataforma, AdMaven 8.1.1. Este nuevo lanzamiento incluye varias actualizaciones y mejoras diseñadas para beneficiar tanto a nuestros editores como a los anunciantes. Entre estas actualizaciones se encuentran varios elementos clave:

  1. Motor de optimización: hemos añadido más de 50 nuevos parámetros a nuestro motor de IA, aumentando su precisión de optimización en más de un 25 %, junto con nuevas capacidades de reorientación.
  2. Protección para editores: las nuevas características permiten ahora una protección a un nivel mucho más alto, incluyendo un sistema de filtrado, algoritmos de reconocimiento de imágenes y anti-cloaking, diseñados para prevenir anuncios ofensivos y maliciosos al más alto nivel.
  3. Protección para los anunciantes: las herramientas de protección para nuestros anunciantes se han actualizado para incluir un sistema de prevención de tráfico fraudulento y un equipo de cumplimiento en tiempo real en el que se confía para garantizar que los anunciantes reciban únicamente los canales de medios solicitados.
  4. Pop: estamos lanzando la última versión de nuestra solución anti-bloqueo, capaz de evitar todas las nuevas extensiones de bloqueo de anuncios.
  5. Push: hemos ampliado nuestras capacidades de notificación Push a otros navegadores y sistemas operativos.

 Estamos trabajando duro para traerles más novedades y excitantes sorpresas a lo largo de 2019. Mantente en sintonía. Visita nuestra página de registro o contáctanos para más información.