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A publisher’s time is very valuable. Monetizing your site is time-consuming and requires attention to details, research, and continuous testing to find the best solutions that fit you.

AdMaven offers you a One-Stop-Shop. One accessible and friendly platform where all your publisher’s needs are met and fulfilled with dedicated professionals and minimum hassle.

No need to leave the shop anymore to look for different products in different shops, we’ve gathered everything you need under one roof including some things you didn’t even know you need.

  • Native Floater banners
  • Interstitial ads
  • Native Push ads (1-click push)
  • Push In Page (2-click push)
  • “Extra Push” Offer
  • Pop-up ads
  • Popunder ads
  • New Tab ads
  • VPN Banners
  • Ad Block Bypass Solution

*Contact us for custom-made products to fit specifically for your website.

Explore The Entire Range Of AdMaven’s Tools

We monetize every single user and impression, worldwide and on every device, allowing us to generate over 5 Billion daily impressions worldwide!

AdMaven’s self-serve platform enables advertisers to create campaigns and get access to AdMaven’s entire inventory across multiple formats.

Our publishers get access to optimization tools that provide them with amazing eCPM and high revenue while maintaining a great experience.

  • Push Notifications: clickable ads to connect with users that subscribed for updates.
  • (NEW!) Native Floater: in-page ‘push-like’ ads that work across any device browser.
  • New Tab (pop): full-page adverts in a new window, triggered by a click.
  • Interstitials: displayed at natural transition points in the flow on your site or app

Whether CPM, CPC or CPA, we drive results for our advertisers to increased ROI over their campaigns’ budgets, and our publishers can enjoy a 5-minute set up to go live quickly with our Google-compliant solutions.

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After reviewing data AdMaven has collected from thousands of websites, we can see that in many cases, the Pop ad format is still the main revenue source.

Like a bottle of great wine, the Pop ad format only gets better with time. Through the years, AdMaven and other companies, have been improving optimizations, fraud detection systems, and many other elements. More and more advertisers from new verticals started using Pop and new formats have been developed under the full-page umbrella. All the above have contributed much to the improvement of the Pop monetization in the last few years. Though there might still be changes on the way due to Google policy changes, it is no reason to change everything. Smart publishers are always trying new things such as Push Notifications, Video, etc. (as well they should), but they also keep a proven method that has served them well in the past and was always reliable.

To get the most out of your site, first thing, make sure you have at least one method of full-page advertising on it, whether it’s Popup, Popunder, or Interstitial, which is Adsense compliant. Always make sure your configuration is maximized. That your caps are set correctly, your ratio of pops per page is optimized, and that you find the right balance on your site between user-experience and maximizing your profits.

To analyze your site and review which format is best for you, sign-up HERE or contact your account manager.

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