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referral program

We are happy to announce that we’re launching our referral program!

How does it work?

  • From September 6th to October 7th, we will enable the possibility to get a unique referral link for each advertiser.
  • If an advertiser signed up using your link from September 6th to October 7th, he is considered a referral.
  • You will get a 7% commission of the spending made by your referrals for 90 days.

Where do I get my referral link?

  • Easy! Click on “Referrals” in your UI and get your unique referral link.

How do I get the money?

  • The commission will be added to your balance automatically after 90 days.

Can I track how much commission I’m supposed to get?

  • Yes! Under “Referrals” you will be to see all the information about new referrals and commissions.


  • Referral links will be available for a limited time only
  • Only new advertisers or, advertisers who didn’t work with us during 2021 will be considered as referrals.
  • Advertisers suspected of abusing the program won’t get their commission, and further actions may be considered.
Feel free to contact us!

How To Earn More From Your Traffic

Publishers are constantly trying to generate the best revenue possible while keeping the right balance between ads and user experience. With that said, a lot still can be done in order to maximize even more a site’s revenue given the same visitor blend.

Here are a few tips that will help you get more out of your existing traffic:

1) Use Adblock bypass codes to show ads to 100% of your users
about 30% of the users use some sort of AdBlock on their browser – this is a pure loss of revenue for you as a publisher.
Using AdMaven’s AdBlock bypass solution, you will be able to show ads to 100% of your users and makeup to 30%-40% more revenue as those users aren’t used to seeing ads thus their value is sometimes higher than regular users.

2) Choose the right ad format and place it correctly on your website
There are many ad formats, from banners, pop ads, push notifications, sliders and more.
Each format has its own advantages and disadvantages, and each will work differently given a certain user behavior, traffic blend and site vertical. Once selected, you should place the ad at the page and timing that will suit the user’s behavior.

3) Configure the chosen ad formats correctly to maximum results
Ad formats can perform differently depending on how they are configured.
AdMaven has a few configurable factors that can affect the performance significantly such as global cap, session cap, frequency and time between ads display:

* Cap of ads per user – The number of ads a user sees per time frame (usually 24 hours) is critical. Increasing those caps will show the user more ads and will yield higher revenue, up to a point where it starts damaging the user experience.

Advise with your account manager in order to find the best balance and set the cap correctly. In the end, there are no “magic” solutions, In AdMaven we bring you professionalism, experience, and dedication; those are the keys for our success.

To learn more about ways to increase your revenue, contact your account manager or CLICK HERE

Feel free to contact us! Mail: 

Affiliate Summit East 2021: New York are you ready? AdMaven are coming!

Come Meet Us In New York🗽

AdMaven is back to New York this summer!
Join us at the Affiliate summit east on 19-20 of July 2021 in NYC.
Wanna know more about the event? Click here to get more info!

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet the team in person at the meet market table number #1404,

We look forward to meeting you there!

Affiliate summit east

Feel free to contact us & schedule a meeting!
Mail: or 

HOW YOU SHOULD PLAY IT RIGHT with sports events

sports events

Timing is everything

First, a simple rule sometimes missed by affiliates 😉 Don’t forget to set your campaigns to run on the days and hours of the events. Its recommended to start running the campaigns at least three hours before the actual event as users looking for the live streaming channels in advance and traffic starts showing by then.

The bigger the event the bigger the traffic and the better it converts if played right. Adjust your campaign to be global or geo oriented according to the match and phase of a tournament.

We have added a link to the event schedule so you will have it ready with you at all times:

Cool Timeline

July 24

Football – Chile vs Canada

July 24

Archery – Bronze Medal Match Results

July 24

Archery – Quarterfinal Results

July 24

Basketball 3×3 Session 2

July 24

Basketball 3×3 Session 1

July 24

Handball – Norway vs Brazil

July 23

Archery – Ranking Round Results

July 23

Shooting – 10m Air Pistol Men’s Pre-Event Training

July 23

Equestrian – Dressage 1st Horse Inspection

July 23

Archery – Ranking Round Results

Use the right offer

While many offers might convert and show an increased performance, there are some offer verticals that stands above all.

Our experience shows that VPN and Proxy apps and subscription either mobile or desktop work great as well as VOD offers, igaming sport bet offers, dating and even casino.


Pick the correct ad formats

Push and in-page push are the number one formats for monetizing sports events traffic.

They blend perfectly with the website users are watching matches on, and appear exactly on a relevant timeframe.

New tab pops will also perform well as they take the user attention onto the full screen ad.

Its important that you test those formats on small events to see how they perform for you, so you are ready for the real stuff.

in-page push

Creative, creative, creative

This is a tip to remember. While many run similar offers of the same verticals, there are some affiliates that has the entire flow in place.

Try and adjust your offer creatives, landings and pre-landings to match the event and be even more specific and adjust them per match. This can increase result by 50%

creative live video

Buy the suitable traffic subids

AdMaven has a 24/7 support representatives in charge. Use them to get insights about preferred traffic sources and receive free tips from the real experts.

We are available at all times on the little chat button on the platform or by email:

Grand Slam Winners – Best AdNetwork for 2021

image best adnetwork - AdMaven

AdMaven is the best Ad Network, so they say!

Thank you for choosing AdMaven as the best ad network for 2021 at the affiliate grand slam event which was taking place in Dubai earlier this week!

We at AdMaven are doing the best we can to always provide our advertisers with the highest quality direct traffic in order to increase their ROI, while maximizing our wide publisher network revenues all along.

We Promise to continue to do our best for both advertisers, content creators and publishers in the future and want to invite you to join the ride.

If you are an advertiser looking for traffic, we have it for you – with over 5 Billion daily real impressions, multiple formats and a great self-serve platform we are sure you can find the traffic that converts for you. Sign up here for special deals and access to exclusive traffic.

Publisher looking to monetize your traffic?

Join the club and start increasing your revenue while keeping your users and website safe.

Last but not least – thank you for taking part in building this amazing network!


3 Mistakes to Avoid as a Publisher

Being a publisher requires making a lot of decisions along the way.

Designing your website, choosing a hosting company, choosing the right content and finding ways to drive traffic.

This and more, another very important field that has to be taken care of in a professional way is the monetization, meaning turning traffic into revenues.

Here as well, a lot of decisions have to be made – choosing a monetization partner, selecting the right formats, placing the tags and ads on your website, adjusting the trade-off between revenue making and user experience & more.

Being one of the most experienced and innovative ad networks, we have made a short review about the most common mistakes publishers tend to do while taking the above decisions, in order to help you as publisher to do it the right way

First mistake – choosing only by the revenues an ad network pays you

This is a tricky one. You usually get an offer from publisher managers working for different ad networks offering you to pay more than you are getting paid now.

This is an option – but remember:

Increasing your revenue but damaging your users experience with way too aggressive ads will cause your traffic to decrease over time.

Choose a well-known network which understands this tender balance between revenue making and user experience

Second Mistake – choosing an unknown ad network

Ad networks that are relatively small and unknown will do everything they can to “win” your traffic, including being too aggressive and promising you the moon and a few stars.
Here is what you should do:

  • Ask for websites examples which the ad network is working with.
  • If an ad network is working with big websites it means they can handle the traffic, pay well, and pay on time.

If they work with similar sites like yours means they have experience monetization your traffic and have proper advertisers for it, therefore the revenue will be higher and stable right from the start.

  • Search known forums for feedback. Those are good to get a glance.
  • keep in mind that forum users have their own perspective and sometimes have certain interest on placing a comment, so its a good first step but shouldn’t base the forums comments for your final decision whether to use an ad network or not.

Third mistake – Choosing an Ad Network that runs a single ad format

Choose an Ad-network that specializes in several ad formats
Focusing on one network that has multiple formats as a one-stop-shop will save you a lot of time, efforts plus it will boost your revenue.

An ad network that offers multiple formats is more likely to optimize between the formats to maximize both revenues and user experience.

This and more – you as a publisher will prefer dealing with one point of contact in regards to your monetization solutions both for support, payments and reporting

Marketing Operation Manager

AdMaven is an innovative ad network, developing an advanced
online advertising platform and online monetization tools.

We are looking for a passionate Marketing Operation Manager with hands-on Google Ads PPC campaign management experience to join AdMaven!

As a Marketing Operation Manager,
you will play an important role in helping the company grow. You will work very
closely with VP level managers and others in the organization to help analyze
metrics, implement processes to optimize and grow efficiency using automated
tools and data.

You will:

  • Oversee and manage AdMaven’s brand marketing efforts.
  • Promote the brand over various online marketing platforms to attract advertisers and publishers to join AdMaven’s platform.
  • Manage ad campaigns (mainly Google AdWords) to provide maximum ROI.
  • Manage retargeting campaigns over Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.
  • Oversee SEO activities.
  • Plan and execute co-marketing activities with industry’s top affiliates, blogs and forums in order to promote the brand.
  • Launch email marketing campaigns and content marketing activities.
  • Initiate and implement new methods of engaging potential clients.

We’ll need you to have:

  • At least 1-2 years of PPC experience in global campaigns with medium-large budgets. 
  • At least 1-2 years of team/operations management.
  • Experience with performance marketing campaign management – Advantage.
  • A Bachelor’s degree in business, engineering, or similar.
  • Recommendations.

Send your CV to

Happy New Year!!

Dear partner,

2020 has been particularly challenging for all
of us.

Despite the difficulties, we have managed to
reach new and exciting accomplishments that we have wanted to share with you:

  • We have reached over 1.5 Trillion impressions!
  • Over 5 Billion conversions were recorded on our platform.
  • We have launched two new ad formats – In-page push and Interstitial ads.
  • We have improved the response time in our live chat by 42%
  • One-third of all of our active advertisers got a dedicated account manager (Trust us, that’s a lot).

Not working with us yet? Contact us to get a
dedicated AM from day one!

We wish you a Happy New Year! 

May this year will be better, happier, and
profitable than ever!

Looking For The Best Black Friday Offers?

Since the early 60’s, Black Friday marked the beginning of
the shopping season in the US.
Due to the strengthening of the US economy
and the advent of the internet, Black Friday has become a global phenomenon
that cannot be ignored these days.
Both advertisers and consumers all around the world are counting the days till
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It’s perfect for
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Visually draw what you
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Interstitial Ads: A Closer Look

After analyzing the performance of our publishers’
monetization during the past month we can see a new rising star. We introduced
several different improvements to our Interstitial ad model in the last few
months and the results are defiantly showing.

For those of you who still don’t use this great monetization
tool, here are a few reasons why you should start using it right now:

User Friendly – The interstitial ad model is not intrusive.
Users accept it as part of the natural flow of the website and it is easy for
them to close it without too much struggle.

Full Content Control – Choose the ad types and verticals you
want to show your users (including Native). Configure the right capping and
intervals for your website.

High Performance – Taking into consideration the number of clicks and revenue the Interstitial generates, it makes it one of the highest performing models.

The new Interstitial design help improves, even more, the performance and the interaction of the users with the ads.

The new interstitial can also be used inside players, it has a new design much friendlier to the user, who can close it with fewer difficulties.

In conclusion, we don’t want you to miss this great opportunity to earn big with another one of our best-performing products, so, until the 15th of December, every publisher who implements the Interstitial will receive a 15% BONUS on his revenue.

Contact your account manager now to get more details.