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Maximizing ROI: How to Avoid Wasting Your Advertising Budget

Running an ad campaign isn’t always easy, since there are many factors to take into consideration – from choosing the perfect ad network for your brand to creating great copy for your ads. And of course, it’s eventually all about the money and the ROI – the advertising budget, how well you spend it and […]

admaven publishing mistakes
3 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing an Ad-Network

Being a publisher requires a good decision-making process. There are many aspects to your business you should consider, and the list only gets longer as technology advances and the market changes. Just a few examples include designing your website, choosing a web hosting service, choosing the right content and finding ways to drive traffic to […]

AI in digital marketing – a super-hot trend in 2023

The end of 2022 marked the true ascension of Artificial Intelligence. Amazing tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 burst into our lives, and people are finding incredible uses for AI – from writing poems to programming. This trend will continue and intensify in 2023, and AI will play an even bigger role in advertising and marketing.

Pop-up VS Pop-under – which one should you use?

Pop ads are offered by almost every ad network in existence. But not all pops are created equal. Here are the differences between pop-ups and pop-unders.