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DOWNLOAD THE WHITE PAPER – webpick_whitepaper_pdf

Do you rely on pop-ups and push ads as your main source of revenue? Uncertain about how  Google’s regulation around adblockers might impact your business?


We’re excited to share with our customers a new white paper titled: “Full Page Advertising: Trends and Opportunities.” You will be able to learn how full-page banners, pop-ups, interstitials, and other full-page formats have evolved into a $13 billion industry, and why they are thriving in the current advertising landscape. 


This resource was created by WebPick in collaboration with AdMaven as the ultimate guide for Advertisers and Publishers –  a resource that explains everything you need to know about the past, present and future of full-page advertising formats. You will learn about all the targeting options available, the advantages and disadvantages of the different advertising tools, and how to overcome regulatory challenges to grow your ad revenues.


Inside the white paper you will also discover:

  • Market Size & Analysis: how full-page ads became a $13 billion industry.

  • User Experience & Customer Preferences: which formats are perceived as more ‘user-friendly’.

  • Google & Facebook Dominance: learn about the industry leaders’ changing attitudes towards different full-page formats.

  • Publisher & Advertiser Preferences: how publishers and advertisers get unprecedented control and targeting granularity.




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